Estrogen Detoxification 101

How many of your patients enter your office complaining of period and pelvic pain, breast tenderness, PMS, water retention, or new weight gain around the middle?

All of these issues can be related to estrogen dominance, even if your patient’s overall estrogen levels are low.

In today’s video, I’ll walk you through the steps of healthfully detoxifying estrogen.


Do your patients have symptoms of estrogen dominance?

Share what you learned and any questions that you have in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Estrogen Detoxification 101

  1. Jessica,
    Love your videos! So, YES, I have clients who show signs of estrogen dominance and typically I recommend the same nutrients/supplements you do in this video. Question: what is the test you use to test that 2:16 ratio? Thanks so much for your good work!

  2. Fiona Mitchell says:

    Lots to consider, thanks!
    Sounds like my sisters symptoms so I’ll be advising her to start a supplement and increase her water intake, for starters.
    She suffers from Bartholins cysts, would this also be related?

  3. Hi Jessica,

    What are your thoughts on patients that have painful periods, but also seem to have signs of estrogen deficiency affecting the bladder, urethra and vagina? I’m talking about occasionally urinary leakage and occasional tearing and bleeding with intercourse.


    • Estrogen levels are also related to bladder pain, and the vaginal tissues. So, knowing the shifts that the patient is having during her cycle may help her treatment. Perhaps her estrogen levels are hanging on on the low end of normal most of her cycle, but just drop too low during her periods (or near her periods.) There are many nutritional solutions to raise estrogen levels. I have some future videos coming out on that topic. And, we cover it in our live and online courses on pelvic and sexual health.

      Great question! Thanks!!

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