How to Relieve “Endo Belly”

One of the most frustrating challenges that our clients with endometriosis face is how to relieve the chronic bloating known as “Endo Belly.” Over the years, my practice has seen thousands of women struggling with this, and we have developed an integrative protocol for relieving the bloat for good. What is “Endo Belly”? Before we get into the steps to relieving Endo Belly, let’s talk about what it really is.…

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5 Powerful Strategies to Lift The Brain Fog

One of the most frustrating symptoms, second only to intense pain, that my patients struggle with is brain fog. I don’t have time in my life for brain fog (and neither do you!) Let me share 3 of my most powerful tools for clearing the (brain) fog! I do a lot of writing, researching, teaching and working with patients every week, in addition to cooking dinner, taking care of my…

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Unraveling Values Conflicts is Essential to Hitting Health Goals

As soon as someone decides that they want to lose weight, get stronger, sleep better, recover from a painful injury, or hit any of their health goals, all they have to do is decide and then it’s as good as done, right? Wrong. Wait… I know. They need the correct knowledge and strategies for how to hit their health goals, right? Wrong. I am going to take a wild guess…

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Postpartum Care is Undervalued and Underserved, How You Can Help

A Rare and Needed Service: Providing Postpartum Care by Providing Skilled Health Coaching Services to New Mothers Just under 4 million babies are born in the United States each year (1), approximately 700,000 in the UK (2), and over 300,000 in Australia (3).  In total, 130 million babies are born in the world every year! (4) After having a baby, the healthcare focus generally shifts from the pregnant woman to…

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Skin Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Collagen

The skin is a window to a woman’s general health.  While there are many health benefits of dark chocolate, skin health tops the priority list for many women. Dark chocolate with collagen, plus an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan, hydration, and sleep are a winning combination for optimizing skin health. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate In my practice the skin health issues that women tend to struggle with include acne related to…

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Being a Healer and a Woman During The Modern Healthcare Revolution

It is well understood that the Western Healthcare System is broken. A 2013 survey revealed that 60% of healthcare workers feel burned out in their jobs (Healthcare Traveler Newsletter, 2013). Hospital mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States (Hospital Safety Score, 2013). Half of all adults has a chronic healthcare condition (CDC, 2012). There are many ideas about how to heal our broken system from…

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Back Pain | Integrative Pelvic Health Institute

How to Prevent and Relieve Back Pain: Guest Post from Dr. Joe Tatta

As clinicians we often think about how to treat a diagnosis.  But, as we shift to thinking of our patients as clients and empowering them to take more responsibility for their health, we shift to thinking about how to help them build resilience in their physiologic systems, lifestyles, and emotional-spiritual lives. My friend and colleague, Dr. Joe Tatta, DPT, has just released a new program to help those who struggle…

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#BeTheInspiration | IPHI

Be the Inspiration in 2015

It's a cold, rainy day here in Houston.  I find myself with a quiet moment in the midst of this holiday week of celebration, and I felt inspired to write to you about how 2015 can be the best year yet for you and the women in your practice and in your life. #BeTheInspiration "Be the inspiration!" is the idea that The Integrative Pelvic Health Institute is built on. "Be…

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Anxiety Relief | Integrative Pelvic Health Institute

Could Your Anxiety Be Related To Your Hormones?

Have you ever woken up from a sound sleep with a racing heart and sweaty palms, not even sure what scared you?  Have you ever jumped into full-on, mama bear, fear and anxiety because your toddler tripped, or your third grader had a tough day at school, and felt the shivers through your whole body?  Do small things cause you major anxiety?  Do you find that it’s getting harder and…

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5 Ways to Quiet Your Mind, Inspire Your Family, and Reduce Your Pain

Yesterday I finally made it back to yoga.  Actually, I put my toe in the water on Saturday by dragging my whole family to a family yoga class in the midst of a downpour.  We were the only people there and it was a lovely bonding experience.  Claire, my 10 year old, and I tackled handstands together, my husband worked out the kinks from his 15 mile run the day…

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