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7 Strategies for Perimenopause Weight Loss

When it comes to my perimenopausal clients, I don't like to focus on weight loss. However, for my clients it's often a welcomed side effect of addressing hormone imbalances, calming the nervous system, and regulating the body's processes.   I believe there are far more important things to worry about than weight loss when it comes to our health and frankly, our lives. As Glennon Doyle famously said,  “Your body…

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The Role of Rehabilitation Medicine in Chronic Pelvic Pain

It was my honor to interview Dr. Allyson Shrikhande, MD, founder of Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine about the role of rehabilitation medicine in chronic pelvic pain. Rehabilitation medicine includes the tools of pain and nervous system modulation medications, specific injections to improve local pain in the pelvis, including pelvic nerve pain, and management and referrals for integrative healing. At Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, the physicians are on the cutting edge of pain…

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What Causes Acne? Get Glowing and Clean Skin From The Root

Conventional creams and pills don’t address what causes acne. Acne is a common problem for teens. Eighty-five percent of 12-24 year olds experience acne. It’s a growing problem for adult women as well. Fifteen percent of us also struggle with acne. For most women with acne, whether it’s in their teens or beyond, the conventional recommendations for treatment are either hormonal birth control pills, topical benzoyl peroxide and/ or topical…

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Is Blood Sugar Instability Related To Chronic Pelvic Pain?

Is blood sugar instability related to chronic pelvic pain? The short answer is, yes! Usually, until a person is diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, they don't know that they have blood sugar instability. But, there are some simple ways to determine if your patient’s blood sugar instability and/or insulin resistance is related to their chronic pelvic pain or other chronic pain. When mindfully listening to your patients share their health…

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How to Heal PCOS with Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

What is PCOS? Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine disorder affecting between 5%  and 13% of women, depending on ethnicity and criteria used for diagnosis (Ding et al., 2017). African-American and Afro-Brazilian women experience the highest rates of PCOS; Chinese and Caucasian women experience the lowest rates. PCOS Diagnostic Criteria The most updated criteria for diagnosis was made by the Androgen Excess Society in 2006.  The diagnostic criteria…

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Skin Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Collagen

The skin is a window to a woman’s general health.  While there are many health benefits of dark chocolate, skin health tops the priority list for many women. Dark chocolate with collagen, plus an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan, hydration, and sleep are a winning combination for optimizing skin health. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate In my practice the skin health issues that women tend to struggle with include acne related to…

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The Top 4 Causes of Amenorrhea: Guest Post From Nicole Jardim

Your period is missing! Where and why did it go? When will it come back? Why is this bothering you so much when you’ve wished countless times for your period to go away anyways? Anyone who has experienced Amenorrhea knows about the anxiety caused by our friend who usually visits every month, suddenly going M.I.A. Additionally, your doctor (or even worse - the Internet) might be further confusing things with…

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How To Lose Weight if You Struggle with PCOS

If you’re struggling with PCOS, every time you see your doctor she’s probably telling you to lose weight.  You’re thinking to yourself, “I would love to lose weight, but I have no idea how!  I have tried everything, and nothing has worked so far!”  You’re at your wit's end and ready to give up! I get it.  The vast majority of my clients come to me with a primary goal…

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fresh vegetable are crucial to functional nutrition and medicine

Will Dietary Changes Impact Your Pelvic Pain or Endometriosis?

  “I’m skeptical. My doctor doesn’t believe that dietary changes will reduce my pelvic or endometriosis pain at all” - very common client concern  First of all, your skepticism is valid, I understand. We don't believe that changing your diet is going to "cure" your endometriosis, pelvic pain, PCOS, or other chronic incurable illness. That's not how this works. If you're looking for a health coach or practitioner to work…

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pumpkin smoothie

Our Favorite Pumpkin Smoothie

Embracing Pumpkin Spice Season I have perfected the most delicious and warming winter smoothie!  It is so good. I have been eating this almost every afternoon for a delicious after school snack. This smoothie is perfect for giving your child (and yourself!) a warming, hormone balancing boost after school. The pumpkin is a slow burning, high energy carbohydrate, the coconut milk supplies healthy fats that maturing hormones need, the hemp…

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