traditional healthcare is not enough.

Discover how Women’s Health Coaches help to fill the gaps in the healthcare system and provide integrative support to the countless women who are not receiving the quality of care that they deserve.


Join Dr. Jessica Drummond to learn the three key steps to becoming a successful, board-certified Women’s Health Coach who leaves a lasting positive impact on their clients.

Learn how utilizing health coaching skills in your practice is crucial to your success, leaving a lasting impact on your clients, and shifting the paradigm of women’s healthcare.

“There simply aren’t enough words to say how wonderful the Integrative Women’s Health Institute is. Taking part in their programs has forever changed the way I work with my clients!”
Dr. Nara Yoon


I truly believe that Dr. Jessica Drummond is a visionary and without a doubt the most thorough educator I have ever had the pleasure to study with!”

Jenny Burrell

BSc (Hons), DipSMRT, WHNC , Burrell Education

The Integrative Women's Health Institute



why choose the integrative women’s health institute?

Evidence-Driven Education:

Our courses are rooted in the latest scientific research, ensuring you stay at the forefront of women’s health practices.

Flexible Learning:

Our on-demand programs let you learn at your own pace, balancing your personal and professional commitments.

Inclusive Approach:

Our programs address diverse health needs with empathy and inclusivity.

Supportive Community:

Join a network of like-minded professionals on the journey to revolutionize women’s health. This is your chance to be a part of the change you want to see in Women’s Healthcare.

A Career That Doesn’t Sacrifice Your Health:

In our community, women’s health and wellness professionals are learning exactly how to take care of their own health, while they take care of others. We’ll support you to use what you learn to optimize your own health first.

Why Women’s Health Coaching Matters

Traditional healthcare often falls short in addressing the complexities of women’s health.

Millions of women globally are seeking guidance of board-certified health coaches for:

female healthcare practitioner helping menopausal woman

Holistic, Integrative, Personalized, and Client-Centered Support.

Green vegetables for functional nutrition

Individualized functional medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies.

Green vegetables for functional nutrition

Collaborative, trauma-informed care that addresses their concerns.

The Women’s Health Coach™ Certification Program is the ONLY NBHWC-Approved Health Coaching Certification exclusIvely dedicated to Women’s Health in the world.

The esteemed NBC-HWC credential from The National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches represents training, education, and assessment standards, allowing for the profession to advance in all aspects of health care and wellness.


“Jessica Drummond is one of the most amazing women and mentors I’ve had the pleasure to meet (virtually). IWHI provided all the answers I have been searching for – an integrative approach to women’s health care, combining nutrition, lifestyle, and premier coaching for ultimate health.”

I stumbled across IWHI in 2014 when I was trying to find help for the many personal issues I was facing. My health was at its lowest, I’d just had my first Endometriosis laparoscopy, and was still experiencing many symptoms particularly digestively and hormonally.

I am blessed to be among the first students to enroll in the Women’s Health Coaching program. The program changed my life, transforming my health and the health of my complex clients beyond bounds.

Going through the WHC program has also inspired me to start up my own online education and coaching business – The Pelvic Expert. I’m so grateful to have the support of amazing therapists, coaches, and healers like Jessica. Thank you Jessica for being an amazing inspiration!”

Heba Shaheed

PT, WHC , The Pelvic Expert

“The WHC Certification Program is rocking my world. I have done a lot of training programs in the last five years and this is hands down the best one I’ve ever participated in.

In this relatively new field of work in which research and facts are sometimes scarce, having access to this course that is so well-researched is so encouraging. Jessica has covered every aspect of women’s hormonal health and backed it all up with thorough evidence-based research. It’s all very compelling!

Each session has been interactive and engaging. Jessica is a masterful teacher and her passion for this work really shines through every step of the way. She has left no stone unturned and covers each topic comprehensively.

There is so much material that I find myself going back through each of the webinars at least 2 or 3 times. Additionally, I’ve implemented a lot of what I’ve learned into my own practice and I’m seeing phenomenal results with my clients.

If you are a coach or physical therapist and want to learn the best evidence-based practices to help your female clients, this is the course to take!”

Nicole Jardim

WHC, The Period Party Podcast Host, Fix Your Period

“I cannot say enough good things about IWHI’s Women’s Health Coach Certification program. It is thorough, informative, evidence-based, practical, and changes the paradigm of caring for women with pelvic pain.

As a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has been dissatisfied with the standard of care for pelvic pain and spent thousands of dollars attending numerous conferences on pelvic pain, pain processing, holistic and integrative medicine, I wish I had started with this program first.

I would have saved money and been very well prepared to treat this patient population in a more evidence-based way.

For any medical doctors who may be hesitant, delay no longer; you will be more than satisfied! This course will change your practice and the way you view not only your pelvic pain patients but all of your patients.”

Dr. Lanniece Hall


“I really loved the Women’s Health Coach Certification program! So much so that I signed up for more courses with IWHI.”

I’ve taken other health coaching programs, but have learned a lot of new material going through the WHC. The program is taught in a way that makes sense, step by step. Each module is very informative and I really loved plugging through one by one. Starting a new module felt like opening up a present.

Also, with some online learning that I’ve experienced it seemed as the teacher is reading straight from notes and I had a hard time focusing. Jessica isn’t like that.

I felt like she was speaking directly to me. It kept me engaged and interested. Jessica is very personable, knowledgeable and really cares about teaching health coaching. It is so obvious that she is extremely committed and caring! The support I received during the program was wonderful and made me feel almost like “family”. “

Katrina Hawes

RMA, FDNP, Living Naturally Healthy


Enroll in one of our exclusive, specialized Certificate Programs and discover how to help your clients relieve their symptoms while expanding your skillset in one of the most in-demand topics in women’s health.


Uncover the integrative strategies to support women through the natural transitions of perimenopause and menopause.

  • 7 Comprehensive Modules: Covering updated research, guest speakers on HRT, and essential details on functional nutrition to support hormone health, functional lab testing, and more.
  • Innovative Strategies: Learn to safely use supplements in this population, biohacking strategies like red light therapy and cold exposure (safely!), and essential health coaching communication skills.
  • Essential Mindset Practices: For practitioners and clients to enhance healing faster!
  • Detailed Protocols: Including herbal and nutritional supplements, and recipe guides.
  • Earn up to 18.25 CEUs


Dive into the world of functional nutrition and learn to address health challenges from a whole-body perspective.

  • 12 Comprehensive Modules: Covering functional nutrition strategies for root-cause healing, targeted nutrient and herbal supplementation, nervous system regulation strategies, and more. 
  • ResearchBacked Content: Support your clients with the most up-to-date functional nutrition strategies to help mitigate unwanted symptoms, manage health conditions, and improve their overall health. 
  • Address Complex Cases: Learn essential strategies to support clients with personalized nutrition strategies as they navigate complexities of dealing with autoimmune diseases, eating disorders, and cancer. 
  • Earn up to 45.00 CEUs


Specialize in addressing the root causes of endometriosis, providing holistic care that transforms lives. Endometriosis is not just a uterus disease; it’s a whole-body issue!

  • 13 Comprehensive Modules: Covering genetics, inflammation, hormone health, immune health, nervous system health, and more. 
  • Cutting-Edge Content: Updated research, including how to safely and effectively use nutrient and herbal supplements, nutrition plans, and biohacking strategies to help people with endometriosis finally find relief!
  • Client Engagement Skills: Learn essential motivational communication skills to make it easy for your clients to implement your recommendations! Fill your practice with motivated clients who are ready to take action! 

  • Earn up to 17.25 CEUs


“I feel more confident in addressing my patients with endometriosis.”

“The endometriosis program was very informative and deep into the genetics, chemistry, medical management and nutritional aspects, as I would expect from Jessica’s teaching – she is a master of these things! 

The detail of the course, the evidence that helped to dispel some myths around endometriosis, length was good, info very up-to-date. I feel more confident in addressing my patients with endometriosis after learning from this course, and I feel more empowered to help them navigate their options for management.”

Beth Anne Fisher


“As always, I am happy with Jessica’s programs. The Functional Nutrition for Women’s Health Program is a top-notch program that really helps the practitioner take their knowledge and skill to the next level.”

“I personally have been able to provide better care to the women I work with. I have also greatly benefited from applying the strategies to myself. I also look closer at how I am feeling and have developed better stress responses, and nutritional plans. 

Thank you so much Jessica for pursuing your passion to help women. It will have an amazingly positive ripple affect now and many years to come for me in my practice, my life, and the life of my family.”

Dr. Rachael Miller


Discover how Women’s Health Coaches help to fill the gaps in the healthcare system and provide integrative support to the countless women who are not receiving the quality of care that they deserve.

Curious about learning more? Watch our webinar! 



Explore the latest in functional nutrition, health coaching, endometriosis, menstrual health, menopause and more!

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Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CNS, PT, NBC-HWC

Dr. Jessica Drummond

Founder & CEO

The Integrative Women’s Health Institute

At the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, we’ve dedicated 17 years to crafting evidence-driven, cutting-edge programs that empower practitioners like you to address the complexities of women’s health.

Dr. Jessica Drummond’s unique approach focuses on functional nutrition, lifestyle medicine, movement therapies, nervous system dysregulation, trauma, and mindset – essential elements often overlooked in traditional health education.

In addition, your training will be fully evidence based, personalized, and nuanced (this is not a cookie cutter approach) in functional nutrition, exercise, recovery, cellular health, and all other lifestyle medicine tools.

You’ll learn to support your clients with cutting edge tools safely and effectively.