The Women's Health Coach Certification™ is the only NBHWC-accredited certification specifically focused on women's health in the world.

The Integrative Women's Health Institute's Flagship Program

Revolutionize Your Career:

Become a Board-Certified Women's Health Coach 

In this NBWHC accredited health coach training program, learn the foundations of health coaching, functional nutrition,  and integrative health strategies specifically designed for women. 

Plus, an entire component is dedicated to business training to teach the best strategies to build a thriving health coaching practice.

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The Women's Health Coach Certification Program is for Practitioners Who Want To:

  • Become an NBHWC board-certified Women's Health Coach
  • Have a lucrative career in the growing health coaching industry
  • Build a women’s health or health coaching specialty practice
  • Complete an entirely remote certification program
  • Receive university-level training at a fraction of the cost
The Integrative Women's Health Institute

2,000+ Women's Health

 Students Globally

Students & Graduates in 62 Countries

the only NBHWC-Approved Program for Women's Health

We are proud to offer accessible, 100% remote, online continuing education

Whether you're changing careers, earning continuing education credits for your health practitioner license, looking for a more fulfilling source of income, or exploring integrative health & wellness, we likely have a course to fit your needs.
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Integrative Health Approach

We specialize in empowering clinicians through Dr. Drummond's  integrative approach. Learn how to help clients optimize systems and stop chasing symptoms. 

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Passion for Accessibility

We're passionate about providing accessible continuing education programs to clinicians, and health coaching programs to endometriosis warriors. 

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Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Experts 

We have a faculty of physicians, naturopaths, physical therapists, nurses and Women's Health Coaches to help you along your journey at IWHI. 

Take your clinical career to the next level.

Reach your professional goals.

The Advanced Women's Health Mentorship Program

 is exactly what you've been looking for. 

PROGRAM At-a-glance

The Advanced Women's Health Mentorship Program

  • Instant access to 35 Exclusive IWHI Clinical Courses
  • Access to 126+ Hours of CEUs
  • Weekly group coaching calls with Dr. Drummond & Faculty  
  • Participate in our private Facebook Groups for students
  • 100% Remote-Learning 
  • 24/7 Access to On-Demand Courses
  • Expert Guest Faculty Featured 
  • Original Presentations, Worksheets, Videos, Quizzes
  • Resources and handouts to share with clients 
  • Monthly Subscription Plan
  • Pay less than $4/day for access to $30,000+ worth of courses
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Plus...Program Bonuses Worth Thousands!

Weekly Live Calls with
Dr. Jessica Drummond

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Attend weekly, LIVE video calls where program members can bring their questions about course work, complex client cases, and more to Dr. Drummond. 

The weekly video calls are one of the most valuable aspects of this program and are worth $12,000 alone! 

126+ Hours of CEUs

This program includes access to over 126 hours of professional, evidence-based, continuing education courses! 

And… if they haven’t yet been approved by the board in your country or state, we’ll give you everything you need to get them approved yourself.

Eligible CEUs for many courses for health coaches, nutritionists, and physical therapists. 

Access to Exclusive Workshops!

Program members have access to attend exclusive, student-only workshops ($500 value each!) for free! 

Attendance is free for program members! Stay tuned for details on upcoming events. 

What Will You Gain From The Advanced Women's Health Mentorship Program?

This program is for leading health and wellness professionals, specifically focused on women’s health, pelvic health, and the health of nonbinary and transgender persons.

Stay engaged in The IWHI & WHC Community, renew and continue to use your valuable WHC credential, and get training for advanced challenges in your practice. 

Be the most confident practitioner in your community with personalized support from Dr. Jessica Drummond and the IWHI Faculty anytime you feel stumped!

The most in depth women’s health coaching, integrative health, and functional nutrition training program anywhere.

Easily accessible bite sized training, done at your own pace, on your own time, from anywhere!

University-level training and student support with a weekend online course price tag!

The lowest cost mentorship program of this quality anywhere in the world. Most similar programs cost thousands of dollars every year (some are over $20,000!)

Stay engaged with our global professional community and participate in weekly coaching and mentorship calls.

Become a part of a supportive and collaborative community with members in 62+ countries all over the globe. 

This program is for you if you want to practice with an integrative, evidence-based approach.

This program is perfect for integrative health coaches, holistic health coaches, pelvic & women's health physical and occupational therapists, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, dietitians and nutritionists, naturopathic physicians, gynecologists, physician assistants, acupuncturists, massage therapists, body workers, mental health therapists, speech therapists, holistic and more. 

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  • If you're looking for the MOST comprehensive professional training membership on the market for thousands less than our competitors - without sacrificing quality!
  • If you feel uncertain about what the future of your career looks like.
  • If you want to expand your clinical knowledge and learn from expert educators. 
  • If you need to earn CEUs to maintain current credentials. 
  • If you want to join an engaged community of like-minded, driven, health and wellness practitioners from around the world. 
  • If you're a practitioner who is on the edge of burnout (or wants to avoid getting there!) this program is for you! 

Curious what our WHC graduates think of The Advanced Women's Health Mentorship Program?

victoria urankar byrd

"I signed up for the membership when it first opened and I am FLOORED by the content available. I just completed the perimenopause and menopause certificate course and I don’t even know what to jump into next. Do you need CE to renew your health coaching certification? (Yes. We all do.) Then the membership is a no-brainer. 

I will be forever busy learning with how many options there are for courses. I am so glad I signed up for monthly membership and it pays for itself with the knowledge you gain. This isn’t a requested or paid for testimonial. I just believe so strongly in its value I had to share."

Victoria Urankar Byrd


Mandy Marziaz

This membership has been great for all things related to women’s health. I am a functional medicine/chiropractor and while I have had access to some of the best training, Jessica Drummond pulls it all together for you specific to women’s health issues.

She has a knack for keeping it clear and concise and simplified so you can easily integrate into your current practice. I love that Dr. Drummond stays up-to-date on research. 

She also has connections with the brightest minds in these areas of women’s health and brings them in to do lectures in the modules. The content is very well organized and easily digestible. This has helped me niche down even further in my integrative women’s health practice.”

Dr. Mandy Marziaz

DC, WHC, Functional Wellness, and

Founder of Vital Family Chiropractic

trina winner

"I signed up for the membership too! I went ahead and paid for the year when it was a cheaper price when there was an annual deal. 

Holy moly the content is amazing. I just opened up a few to just glance at and I’m so incredibly excited! It was a gift to myself for finally completing the WHC! Many of topics go right in hand with clients I serve."

Trina Winner

Pelvic Floor PT, DPT, Doula, WHC

Student Testimonials & Success Stories

The Women's Health Coach Certification™
is  the only NBHWC-approved certification specifically focused on women's integrative health in the world.

Dr. Lanniece Hall


"For any medical doctors who may be hesitant, delay no longer; you will be more than satisfied!"

"I cannot say enough good things about IWHI’s Women’s Health Coach Certification program.

 It is thorough, informative, evidence-based, practical, and changes the paradigm of caring for women with pelvic pain. As a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has been dissatisfied with the standard of care for pelvic pain and spent thousands of dollars attending numerous conferences on pelvic pain, pain processing, holistic and integrative medicine, I wish I had started with this program first. I would have saved money and been very well prepared to treat this patient population in a more and evidence-based way.

For any medical doctors who may be hesitant, delay no longer; you will be more than satisfied! This course will change your practice and the way you view not only your pelvic pain patients but all of your patients.

Nicole Jardim

"I’ve implemented a lot of what I’ve learned into my own health coaching business  and I’m seeing phenomenal results with my clients. The WHC Certification Program is rocking my world."

"I have done a lot of health coach training programs in the last five years and this is hands down the best one I’ve ever participated in. In this relatively new field of work in which the research and facts are sometimes scarce, having access to this course that is so well-researched is so encouraging.

Dr. Jessica Drummond has covered every aspect of women’s hormonal health and backed it all up with thorough evidence-based research. It’s all very compelling! Each session has been interactive and engaging.

Jessica is a masterful teacher and her passion for this work really shines through every step of the way. She has left no stone unturned and covers each topic comprehensively. There is so much material that I find myself going back through each of the webinars at least 2 or 3 times.

Additionally, I’ve implemented a lot of what I’ve learned into my own health coaching business,  and I’m seeing phenomenal results with my clients. If you are a holistic health coach or physical therapist and want to learn the best evidence-based practices to support your clients, this is the course to take!"

Expand Your Expertise & Provide Even Higher Quality Care To Your Clients   

Become a Board-Certified Women's Health Coach

Enter Your Information & Download the Program Overview & Syllabus

Dr. Jessica Drummond is known around the world for her integrative and holistic approach to healthcare and health coaching.
Dr. Jessica Drummond headshot with black background
Dr. Jessica Drummond,

Founder and CEO of The Integrative Women’s Health Institute, The Outsmart Endo Health Coaching Program, and the creator of The Women's Health Coach Certification. 

Dr. Jessica Drummond has been passionate about supporting, caring for, and empowering people who struggle with women’s and pelvic health concerns throughout her 20+ year career working as a physical therapist and clinical nutritionist.

Dr. Drummond's trademarked approach is holistic, multi-pronged, and comprehensive, which combines science-informed research, functional nutrition application, lifestyle medicine strategies, nervous system regulation, mind-body connection, hormone balance, physical & manual therapy, and so much more. 

While her private clients hold a special place in her heart, Dr. Jessica Drummond also is equally passionate about educating and supporting clinicians and wellness professionals. The Women's Health Coach Certification can confidently and safely provide practitioners integrative tools they need to transform women’s and pelvic healthcare, one practice at a time. 

If you have endometriosis clients, this book is essential for you.

Do you have clients with endometriosis or chronic pelvic pain? Are looking to expand your expertise in managing this disease?

Dr. Drummond's Outsmart Endometriosis book is essential for anyone working directly with endometriosis patients or clients.

Help your clients relieve symptoms and reclaim their lives.

If you are struggling with endometriosis yourself, learn more about the Outsmart Endometriosis Health Coaching Program and download the program guide.  We offer the integrative support that endometriosis warriors deserve.


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