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Earn up to 45.0 CEUs for physical therapists, nutritionists, and health coaches. CEUs available for IWHI, TPTA, BCNS, and NBHWC. 

Fast-track to becoming a specialized expert in functional nutrition for women’s health in under six months. 

Receive an authenticated certificate to display on your website and in your office upon program completion.

Stand out in the marketplace as a practitioner who specializes in the utilization of functional nutrition strategies.

Gain the confidence you need to address digestive health issues, chronic pain and illness, autoimmune conditions, gut microbiome imbalances, disordered eating, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, and more! 


Discover how to provide your clients with the personalized functional nutrition support to help them address their symptoms while also growing your own practice and niche skillset. This 6-month Certificate Program starts as soon as you enroll! See program details below..



Enroll in this certificate program to: 

Become an expert in FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION, one of the most requested topics in women’s health!  (this is our MOST popular program)
Receive a certificate to showcase your expertise on your website in under 6 months! 


Enroll in our step-by-step online certificate program 

Earn up to 45.0 CEUs through IWHI

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Weekly Q&A and Coaching Calls with Dr. Drummond & Expert Faculty

Receive a certificate to showcase your expertise
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Become an expert in Functional Nutrition for Women’s Health

Enroll Today & Become a Certified Functional Nutrition Expert!


Affordable and flexible payment plans available.


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The Functional Nutrition Certificate Program is a comprehensive and curated professional training and development program that focuses on the how to support your clients with the most up-to-date functional nutrition strategies to help mitigate unwanted symptoms, manage health conditions, and improve their overall health. 

Discover how to help your clients relieve their symptoms while expanding your skillset in one of the most in-demand topics in women’s health.

While you’re in this 6-month program, you will have access to weekly Q&A and Coaching calls with Dr. Jessica Drummond and expert IWHI faculty.  These calls are designed for you to get direct coaching access to our faculty to answer your most burning questions.

Step 1: Discover Functional Nutrition Testing Model for Root-Cause Healing

Learn how to use functional nutrition testing and other assessment tools to optimize root cause health. Discover a functional nutrition and testing model of root cause health of each physiologic system: brain, and nervous system, digestive system, gut microbiome, immune system, endocrine system (hormones), and specific to common women’s health challenges.  


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Step 2: Successfully Apply Functional Nutrition Strategies to Improve Client Results

Learn to conduct a thorough assessment of the client’s health status, identify any underlying imbalances or deficiencies, and develop a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan that addresses their specific needs, health vision, and goals.

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Step 3: Learn to Use Targeted Nutrient and Herbal Supplementation

Personalize supplement regimens based on individual needs to address symptoms, deficiencies, and imbalances, such as hot flashes, low or high estrogen, thyroid issues, low progesterone, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, energy, fatigue, and sleep issues, brain fog, cognitive impairments, and digestive issues, such as bloating, constipation, IBS, and more. 

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Step 4: Become a SLEEP and ENERGY Expert! (This is the #1 complaint of women...fatigue, exhaustion, and poor sleep!)

Learn how to help your clients sleep peacefully all night long and wake up with energy! Learn how to address mitochondrial fatigue, adrenal dysregulation, and other root causes of sleep issues. Plus, learn evidence-based sex differences in the stress response and mind-body medicine to reduce stress and improve sleep in women.

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Step 5: Understand the Connection Between the Reproductive Hormones and the Stress Hormone System

All of the hormonal axes – the adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormone axes – originate in the brain. This program will provide you with the tools that you need to help your clients to balance all of the hormonal systems starting at the root cause – by optimizing the health of the brain and nervous system, in addition to the adrenals, thyroid, gut, and ovaries.


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Step 6: Optimize Hormone Health from Puberty to Menopause

Learn to balance hormones throughout a woman’s entire life from puberty to menopause (and beyond). You’ll discover how to optimize fertility and understand the risks and benefits of hormonal birth control.



Step 7: Nervous System Regulation, HRV, and Optimal Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease and stroke are among the most common killers of women. Risk increases significantly with PCOS, history of gestational diabetes, and menopause. Learn to minimize cardiovascular disease risk by implementing cutting-edge lifestyle strategies like fasting, red light therapy, sauna, cold immersion, sleep strategies, HRV tracking and nervous system regulation (SAFELY!). Learn how the heart and nervous system work together to lower the most common risks of death and disability for women.

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Step 8: Immune Health and Autoimmune Risks for Women

Compared to men, women are at much higher risk for autoimmune diseases, long covid, and other post viral syndromes, EBV, HPV, and other immune health issues. Functional nutrition strategies address root-case imbalances in the immune system that are influenced by gut microbiome issues, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, and subclinical signs of autoimmune issues that are often ignored by conventional medicine.



Day in a life of cancer patient - portrait of woman at home and office after chemotherapy due to lymph nodes cancer. Woman is 30 year old real cancer cured patient, photographs and videos taken weeks after last chemotherapy session with visible burns on woman's neck and on facial skin.

Step 9: Learn The Importance of Personalized Nutrition for Cancer Patients

Personalized nutrition can help manage the side effects of cancer treatments, such as nausea and fatigue, and support the body’s immune system, which is crucial for fighting cancer. Plus, post-cancer recovery and prevention of recurrence requires skilled support for optimizing nourishment, emotional and lifestyle medicine healing, and personalized recovery plans.

disordered eating

Step 10: Lifestyle Medicine Strategies to Address Disordered Eating

Focus on identifying underlying nutrient deficiencies, gut health imbalances, and lifestyle factors that contribute to disordered eating behaviors and developing personalized interventions to address them.

Step 11: Learn Strategies to Incorporate Trauma-Informed Care with Nervous System Regulation Strategies

Nervous system regulation is an integral part of every healing journey. Learn to support your clients to recover with safe, trauma-informed, nervous system regulation strategies and collaboration with mental health professionals.

Step 12: Get Support with Your Complex Cases and Build Your Confidence!

Attend weekly live calls (optional!) and bring your more challenging questions. Most of our students start with themselves as their first case study. Curious about how to test your hormones and gut health? Not sure how to fix sleep issues or chronic anxiety, struggling with fertility, metabolic, or energy issues yourself? Have questions about exercise, nutrition, functional testing, or innovative biohacking tools (like red light, sauna, cold plunges, HBOT, stem cells, and more) – what is legit and what is snake oil?

Enroll Today & Become a Certified Functional Nutrition Expert!


Affordable and flexible payment plans available.


INCLUDED BONUS:  6 Months Free Access to The Alumni Association

As a bonus for enrolling in this certificate program, we want to gift you 6-months trial access to The Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association opens up access to a private Facebook Community, dozens of additional IWHI courses ($30,000 value), and new content in the form of workshops and live trainings.

This is the best place to not only expand your knowledge base, but also to have a community of experts supporting you in applying the knowledge to your practice.


What CEUs is The Functional Nutrition Certificate Program approved for?

Earn up to 45.0 CEUs for physical therapists, nutritionists, and health coaches. CEUs available from IWHI, TPTA, BCNS, and NBHWC.

IWHI CEUs: 43.00

TPTA CEUs: 28.50

BCNS CEUs: 5.00

NBHWC CEUs: 5.00

If it is not already approved for the Continuing Education Credits you need (for your organization), and you are interested in applying for Continuing Education Credits yourself, reach out to us at support@integrativewomenshealthinstitute.com and we will get you everything you need to do so. Let us know if you have any questions.

How is the Functional Nutrition Certificate Program different from the WHC Program? Is this certificate program for me if I am a WHC student or graduate?

While The Women’s Health Coach Certification Program does have a significant amount of content focused on functional nutrition, this certificate program is an even deeper dive into evidence-based strategies for applying the root-cause healing functional nutrition model to your clients and practice.

This program is an excellent post-graduation program for those who have completed the WHC program and want to specialize even further in functional and personalized nutrition. This program includes introductory and advanced functional nutrition education that is beyond the foundational training in the WHC program.

The advanced level content includes functional nutrition training for complex hormonal imbalances such as PCOS. We cover how to utilize nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle medicine strategies for autoimmune and immune health conditions such as chronic EBV, HPV, and Long Covid. And, you’ll learn advanced cardiovascular and neurologic women’s health issues, such as heart disease distinctions in women compared with men, advanced heart health testing testing for women in pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause, and beyond, and brain neurotransmitter and mitochondrial assessment and healing for sleep and energy challenges.

This Certificate Program is a highly practical program based on published literature and decades of clinical experience. This is not just theory and cookie cutter protocols. This program rivals functional medicine and functional nutrition programs that cost over $10,000, but we decided to make this program financially accessible for all health and wellness professionals around the globe in order to amplify the quality of women’s healthcare in every community.

How long does it take to complete this program?

Students are given access to this certificate program for a period of 6 months. The program is self-paced so you can go through the content and implement at your own pace. We have found the time commitment necessary to complete the program in the 6 month periods, is on average, 1-2 hours per week, although this depends on your own personal preference.

What is the difference between the Functional Nutrition for Women's Health Professional Program and The Functional Nutrition Certificate Program?

The Functional Nutrition for Women’s Health Professional Program is one of eight IWHI courses included WITHIN the Functional Nutrition Certificate Program.

This program includes:

Course #1: Functional Lab Testing Course  (4 modules / 2.25 IWHI CEUs)

Course #2: Functional Nutrition for Women’s Health  (8 modules / 13.25 IWHI, 19 TPTA CEUs)

Course #3: Hormones 101 course (6 modules / 5.00 IWHI, 4.50 TPTA CEUs)

Course #4: PCOS and the Blood Sugar Spectrum MasterClass (1 module /1.5 IWHI CEUs)

Course #5: Healing Women’s Hearts: An Integrative Approach  (7 modules / 5.0 IWHI, NBHWC, TPTA, and BCNS CEUs)

Course #6:  Immune Bundle for Women Course (8 modules / 9.5 IWHI CEUs)

Course #7: Therapeutic Diets that Influence Cancer Metabolism (1 module / 1.50 IWHI CEUs)

Course #8:  Heal Your Hunger Masterclass (1 module / 1.00 IWHI CEU)

What happens to my access to the content and live calls at the end of the 6 months of access?

You will have 24/7 online access to the full content of The Functional Nutrition Certificate Program for 6 months.


At the end of the 6 months, continued access to The Functional Nutrition Certificate Program content is available through paid membership in The Alumni Association.

With the paid membership you will also retain access to the one weekly live call, our Facebook community, and to any new courses that are added.

You can cancel your access to the recurring membership at anytime.

When are the weekly, live calls?

During your 6-month program, you will have access to one live weekly Q&A and Coaching call with Dr. Jessica Drummond and expert IWHI faculty. Currently, the calls are currently scheduled on Wednesday afternoons. 

The access link and exact times can be found on your IWHI Membership Site. If you are unable to attend the calls live, no worries! All of the calls are recorded and uploaded to the IWHI Membership Site for access at your convenience.  

Does this program prepare you to take the national board exam?

No. There is not a national board exam in functional medicine or functional nutrition. Thus, this program is all you need to begin or expand your practice. 

Does this program give me access or ability to order tests or prescribe supplements in my state?

There are multiple factors that determine you ability to order or prescribe supplements that include, but is not limited to, the company you are ordering the test from, your licensure if applicable, and the law and regulations in the state / country that you live.

Is this program just about PCOS or all things functional nutrition & medicine related?

All things functional nutrition and functional medicine related!

How many quizzes are included in this program? Is there a final evaluation to receive my certificate?

As you enter each course, you will be able to advance through the course modules by passing the short quiz for each module (if there are multiple modules). Once you have completed all of the modules in the course, you will be asked to complete a program evaluation. After you submit your evaluation, you will be given access to your downloadable and printable official course certificate (where applicable).

Once you complete all of the courses inside the Functional Nutrition Certificate Program,  you will receive one final certificate showing you have completed the entire certification.

Enroll Today & Become a Certified Functional Nutrition Expert!


Affordable and flexible payment plans available.


who is this program for?

Pelvic Physical Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Health Coaches

Nutritionists and Dietitians


Naturopathic Physicians

Physician Assistants

Nurse Practitioners


Fitness Professionals





All health and wellness professionals who care about root cause women’s health care


Build Your Functional Nutrition Skills to Serve and Nourish Women with our Cutting-Edge Education and Community Support! 

Discover the keys to becoming an expert in functional nutrition, specifically for women’s health. Receive guidance on refining your practice business model to serve even the most complex clients with confidence and ease. 

Enroll Today & Become a Certified Functional Nutrition Expert!


Affordable and flexible payment plans available.



Rachael Miller

“As always, I am happy with Jessica’s programs. The Functional Nutrition for Women’s Health Program is a top-notch program that really helps the practitioner take their knowledge and skill to the next level. I personally have been able to provide better care to the women I work with. I have also greatly benefited from applying the strategies to myself.

I also look closer at how I am feeling and have developed better stress responses, and nutritional plans.  Thank you so much Jessica for pursuing your passion to help women. It will have an amazingly positive ripple affect now and many years to come for me in my practice, my life, and the life of my family.”

Dr. Rachel Miller, PT, DPT, WHC 



Jennifer Spreckley<br />

“The Functional Nutrition for Women’s Health Program course is extremely informative and gives an invaluable in-depth dive into evidenced based research surrounding a variety of women’s health concerns.

It is accompanied by many relevant functional nutrition strategies that can be tailored to clients individualized needs. Amazing experience! I can’t say enough positive things. Thank you, thank you!”

Julie Keta 

kiran ram

“I thought The Functional Nutrition for Women’s Health Program course provided a lot of really great insight into the benefits of nutrition and how it could be beneficial for all patients/clients.

I liked learning about functional nutrition as well and can see how I can start implementing some of that knowledge into my clinical practice.”

Anietie Ukpe-Wallace


Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule

As a member of this program, you will have 24/7 access to all included on-demand courses and trainings, providing you with the flexibility to learn at your own pace and complete courses on your own schedule. 

Enroll in University-level trainings at a fraction of the cost

Interested in continuing your education, but don’t want to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a university? We’ve got you! 

Join our global community of healthcare professionals

Become a part of a supportive and collaborative community with members in 62+ countries all over the globe. Stay engaged with the IWHI professional community and participate in weekly coaching and mentorship calls.

Jenny Burrell

“I truly believe that Jessica Drummond is a visionary and without doubt the most thorough educator I have ever had the pleasure to study with!”

Jenny Burrell, BSc (Hons), DipSMRT, WHNC 

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“I absolutely loved the Functional Nutrition Certificate Program Program! I loved all of the interviews and different opinions and perspectives from all the guests.”

Tayla Smith, PT, DPT

dr nara yoon

“There simply aren’t enough words to say how wonderful the Integrative Women’s Health Institute is. Taking part in their programs has forever changed the way I work with my clients!”

Dr. Nara Yoon, PT, DPT, OCS



Enroll in this certificate program to: 

Become an expert in FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION, one of the most requested topics in women’s health!  (this is our MOST popular program)
Receive a certificate to showcase your expertise on your website in under 6 months! 

Enroll Today & Become a Certified Functional Nutrition Expert!


Affordable & flexible payment plans available. 



Dr. Jessica Drummond headshot with black background

Founder & CEO

The Integrative Women’s Health Institute

Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CNS, PT, NBC-HWC has been passionate about supporting, caring for, and empowering people who struggle with women’s and pelvic health concerns throughout her 24 year career working as a physical therapist and clinical nutritionist.

Dr. Drummond’s trademarked approach is holistic, multi-pronged, and comprehensive, which combines science-informed research, functional nutrition application, lifestyle medicine strategies, nervous system regulation, mind-body connection, hormone balance, physical & manual therapy, and so much more.

While her private clients hold a special place in her heart, Dr. Jessica Drummond is equally passionate about educating and supporting clinicians and wellness professionals to become certified health coaches so they can confidently and safely provide integrative tools and treatment to their clients.