In a recent conversation at the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, Liz, a holistic nutritionist turned women’s health coach, shared her transformative journey and the pivotal role health coaching played in her practice.

This blog post delves into Liz’s story, highlighting her experiences before and after joining The Women’s Health Coaching Certification Program at The Integrative Women’s Health Institute. 

The Beginnings

Before delving into the world of health coaching, Liz was a board-certified holistic nutritionist, driven by her personal struggle with health issues following the birth of her second son.

Despite seeking help from conventional medicine and therapy, her mysterious symptoms persisted, leading her to explore integrative approaches.

Liz’s frustration grew as her symptoms were attributed to anxiety, despite her intimate knowledge of her own anxiety patterns.

It was her therapist who suggested consulting an integrative provider, sparking a transformative journey that would shape Liz’s career.

A Holistic Nutritionist’s Path

Armed with newfound knowledge about the impact of food and lifestyle on health, Liz became a holistic nutritionist in 2018.

Her initial in-person practice, intended to serve her local community, faced challenges, especially with the unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Forced to close her office, Liz navigated the complexities of virtual practice while dealing with the stressors of the pandemic.

The Turning Point

As Liz worked with clients on digestive issues linked to stress and trauma, she realized the limitations of her nutrition-focused approach.

Despite her background and expertise, she found herself unable to address the underlying barriers and challenges preventing her clients from sustaining positive health changes.

Discovering Health Coaching

Intrigued by The Integrative Women’s Health Institute’s women’s health coaching certification, Liz initially hesitated, having preconceived notions about health coaching. The idea of simply suggesting supplements and operating outside her scope seemed counterproductive to her holistic approach.

However, Liz’s perception shifted when she realized that health coaching aligned with her goal of bridging the gap between therapy and implementing real-life changes.

The integration of women’s nutrition components within the program made her see the potential for a more holistic and impactful approach to her practice.

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Life-Changing Discoveries

Enrolling in the health coaching certification program proved to be a pivotal moment for Liz.

The curriculum not only provided in-depth scientific support for its teachings but also focused on two crucial elements: creating a vision of optimal health from within and addressing the inner critic that often hinders progress.

Liz’s experience emphasized the power of health coaching in helping clients set personalized goals and navigate the daily tasks necessary for positive lifestyle changes.

Clients appreciated the small, achievable steps tailored to their unique situations, making the coaching process more engaging and effective.

The Integrative Experience

One of the standout aspects for Liz was the sense of connection fostered within the program.

The mentorship, retreats, and accountability partners created a supportive environment that went beyond typical online courses. This human connection, reminiscent of Liz’s initial desire for in-person practice, became a driving force in her learning journey.

Overcoming Hesitations

Reflecting on her initial hesitations, Liz acknowledges the misconception that health coaching might be a less educated version of what she was already doing.

However, her experience shattered this misconception, revealing the depth and authenticity that health coaching brought to her practice.

Advice for Aspiring Health Coaches

Liz encourages those on the fence to consider The Women’s Health Coach Certification Program.

She highlights the comprehensive education, invaluable scientific support, and, most importantly, the transformative connections and mentorship that set the program apart.

Despite potential cost concerns, Liz attests that the investment was worth every penny, with the benefits far outweighing the initial hesitations.

Liz’s journey from holistic nutritionist to women’s health coach exemplifies the transformative power of integrative health coaching.

By embracing a holistic approach that incorporates personalized visions of optimal health and addresses the inner critic, Liz has not only enhanced her practice but also discovered a profound sense of connection within the integrative health community.

Her story serves as an inspiring testament to the potential of health coaching in bridging gaps and empowering individuals on their unique wellness journeys.

If you’re considering a similar transition or seeking to deepen your knowledge of women’s health, the Integrative Women’s Health Institute and The Women’s Health Coach Certification Program may hold the key to your own inspiring journey of growth and transformation.

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Founder & CEO

Dr. Jessica Drummond,


Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CNS, PT, NBC-HWC, is the founder and CEO of The Integrative Women’s Health Institute, The Outsmart Endo Health Coaching Program, and the creator of the Women's Health Coach Certification.

She is passionate about caring for and empowering people who struggle with women’s and pelvic health concerns. She is equally passionate about educating and supporting clinicians and wellness professionals in confidently and safely using integrative tools to transform women’s and pelvic healthcare.

Dr. Drummond has two decades of clinical experience as a licensed physical therapist, licensed clinical nutritionist, and board certified health coach working with women with pelvic pain, including endometriosis, vulvodynia, and bladder pain syndrome. She brings a unique, conservative, and integrative approach to supporting women to overcome hormonal imbalances, and chronic pain conditions.

She is a sought after international speaker on topics such as integrative pelvic pain management, natural fertility options, optimal hormone health, menopause, and female athlete nutrition. Dr. Drummond was educated at the University of Virginia, Emory University, Duke Integrative Medicine, and Maryland University of Integrative Health.

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