The Birth Control Pill: Possible Side Effects

We all know the benefits of the birth control pill.  First of all, it is effective birth control.  And, effective birth control has far reaching benefits for women’s autonomy beyond health.  Effective birth control improves education, work, and many other opportunities for women.  Plus, the birth control pill is known to reduce ovarian cancer risk.

But, do you know what the pill could be doing to affect your patients’ pelvic pain complaints, or how it could be impacting her sexual health?

Click on the video below to learn more about the downside of the birth control pill.

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5 thoughts on “The Birth Control Pill: Possible Side Effects

  1. I took oral contraceptives for about a year nearly 9 years ago, but I’m still suffering from hormonal imbalance and pelvic pain. Pretty much every mainstream practitioner I’ve seen looks at me like I’m nuts for suggesting that the Pill, so long ago, is to blame for my issues.

    This video was so full of information I haven’t come across in all my years of researching, trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with me. Thank you 🙂

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