changing your diet for pelvic pain“I’m skeptical. My doctor doesn’t believe that dietary changes will reduce my pelvic or endometriosis pain at all” – very common client concern 

First of all, your skepticism is valid, I understand. We don’t believe that changing your diet is going to “cure” your endometriosis, pelvic pain, PCOS, or other chronic incurable illness.

That’s not how this works. If you’re looking for a health coach or practitioner to work with and someone tells you that they can cure you of something like endometriosis, run far far away ASAP!

We know there is no cure for endometriosis. 

We understand how difficult endometriosis can be to treat. 

Dr. Jessica Drummond’s, trademark integrative health coaching program for endometriosis, Outsmart Endo,  has helped thousands of clients to significantly reduce bothersome and disabling symptoms of chronic pelvic pain and disease.

Dr. Drummond’s  integrative approach to pelvic healthcare involves teach you how to reduce your inflammation, regulate your nervous system, improve your sleep hygiene, incorporate more nourishing foods, and prioritize your self-care.

Our team is dedicated to working in tandem with our client’s entire healing team. We’re here to help you navigate moments like this where there are differing recommendations or opinions from your various healing team members.

As health coaches, our focus is always on helping our clients reach their goals and finding personalized solutions to help them to succeed if needed. 

In the past, we have clients who are seeing truly fantastic, highly-skilled doctors and surgeons who dismiss any sort of functional nutrition or integrative approach as fluff that won’t yield long-term relief for chronic pelvic pain.

And that’s okay, they are allowed to have their opinions and viewpoints. And in some cases, they are right. For example, if someone has extensive, stage 4, extrapelvic endometriosis nodules that are full thickness and perforating someone’s diaphragm from top to bottom, eating a specific diet is going to help, but only to a point.

When the disease is that significant, it must be addressed surgically first, and then functional nutrition and lifestyle strategies can be employed post-surgery and throughout the recovery long recovery that accompanies such a complex procedure.


It’s important to acknowledge that in extremely severe cases, adjusting your diet can help to reduce some pain, but dietary modification is not going to address the root cause of the crippling pain itself. 

At the end of the day, a client’s healing team members’ opinions are just that, opinions. It’s a practitioner’s job to remain unbiased and focus on providing their clients with the best information and support they can.

They are part of your healing team to educate, advocate, and support you in making the best decisions possible for your health, but it’s not anyone’s job but the client’s to make the final decision about what is best for them.

For people struggling with chronic pelvic diseases such as Endometriosis, it is very common for well-meaning OB-GYNs or specialist surgeons to recommend an exploratory laparoscopy surgery to “treat’ the endometriosis as the first course of action. This is the case because currently endometriosis can only be diagnosed via surgery with a tissue biopsy to confirm the presence of endometriosis cells.


Reclaim Your Life from Pelvic Pain & Endometriosis 

The Outsmart Endometriosis Health Coaching Program is a 6-month educational program and healing community that teaches you how to eat to strengthen the natural healing systems in your body – your detox systems, your digestive system, your endocrine system, and your immune system.

The people who have worked with me over the past 20+ years to relieve their pain, normalize their periods, optimize their fertility, and harness their hormones have been thrilled with their results.

They have lost weight (up to 100 pounds!), reconnected with their ability to sleep and with their sexual desire, balanced their blood sugar, gotten rid of chronic headaches, and gotten their energy back!


Additionally, what has been most surprising to me about these nutritional shifts is that many of my clients began to feel less pain, especially pain in the pelvis.

The fact that this is at all possible was shocking to me after more than a decade of pelvic floor physical therapy practice.

I had no idea that what a person ate could impact their pelvic pain so significantly.

Yes, in our training, they did emphasize that it was important for people to get enough fiber to keep their bowels moving normally.  But, that was about it.

So, like you, I was very skeptical that eating differently could do anything to change a person’s pelvic pain level.


I WAS skeptical, that is until I saw the pain relief (and experienced it!) for myself.

And, actually, I was still pretty skeptical that perhaps the pain relief was caused by something else, or these women were rare cases, until I began to dig into the medical research, and found dozens of studies to back up what I was seeing clinically.

And, now, ever the skeptic, I’m in the process of collecting specific outcome measures (my own little data set) to be sure that this process works for most (or all!) women.

I just want you to know that you’re so welcome here if you’re skeptical that this whole idea that nutrition, wellness, and community could possibly relieve your pain.

You are not alone.


In the meantime, I would suggest giving our tips a try, and seeing what happens to your pelvic pain.

The good news is that the only side effects I have seen to our program so far are weight loss (in a good way!), glowing skin, better sleep, calmer moods, more regular periods, more energy, focus, and finding the sex drive that you probably thought was gone for good.

Do those side effects sound good to you?

Feel free to take all the time you need to poke around our Outsmart Endometriosis Health Coaching Program page.  But, our grand opening special prices won’t be around forever.  Jump in and join us today – and see for yourself if this stuff works!