[10 Minute Training] The Blood Sugar Spectrum & Women’s Health!

[10 Minute Training] The Blood Sugar Spectrum & Women’s Health!

I am thrilled to invite you to the best ten minutes of my most recent clinical training on “The Blood Sugar Spectrum & Women’s Health”, taught for the IWHI Clinical Vault with my friend and colleague, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo.  I know you will find this tremendously valuable.

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In just this ten-minute excerpt you will receive several very valuable takeaways:

[2:00] Learn vital information about “The Blood Sugar Balance Spectrum”

[2:30] Discover the mechanisms behind Hyper-Insulinemia (the beginning of blood sugar imbalance)

[3:34] Understand “reactive” hypoglycemia (and how to spot its symptoms!)

[4:25] Discover how fatigue and brain fog may indicate pre-insulin resistance, even if tests are “normal”.

[5:40] Learn about insulin resistance, elevated level of sugar, and the damage it causes.

[7:15] Metabolic Syndrome, one step from diabetes, and a powerful place to step in and help.


This is just the first ten minutes.  In the entire, hour-long interview, which you can find in the IWHI Clinical Training Vault, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo and I deep dive into valuable information on blood sugar and its impact on hormone balance and women’s health, overall.  Click here to get this 10-minute excerpt of our discussion.

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I know this clinical training will be valuable to you.




Dr. Jessica Drummond


CEO, The Integrative Women’s Health Institute




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