We are officially driving our realtor crazy.  We are moving back to Houston, again.  I have surrendered to the heat.  I have joyfully embraced the idea that we will be back among dear friends and family.  I have found schools for both girls and agreed to speak at a local PCOS Symposium in the fall.  And, now… we can’t find a house.

The real estate market in Houston is for the first time (I think ever!) a hot seller’s market.  I am thrilled for all of you Houston home sellers out there.  But, I happen to be a Houston homebuyer right now.  So, this hot seller’s market kind of sucks.

Today, I decided to let it go.

Drop the rope.

There were many moments when I was recovering from my illness (and even now when I just have a bad cold or a stressful travel experience) when I have tried to control my way out of the bad situation.  To will my body to heal faster, or for the flight to just take off already.  To try to manipulate the situation to make it better, control the uncontrollable; grab the bull by the horns!

Unfortunately, sometimes that just doesn’t work.  Hormones and leaky guts take time to heal.  It’s essential to drink your green smoothies, get plenty of sleep, and eat protein at breakfast.  But, it also takes time, patience, and faith.

If you are struggling today…  Stuck in bed because your pre-period pain is so severe you can’t even get up.  Exhausted from an infertility journey that has dragged on for years.  Frustrated because you can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you do… I would like to offer you hope.

For three years I struggled with infertility, and now I have Kate.

For 18 months I suffered from hormonally induced fatigue, now I can rock a boot camp class.

For 4 months I madly craved sweets, now I enjoy naturally sweet foods and have no cravings at all.

My clients have seen similar shifts with the investment of patience and the practice of faith…

Lynne* struggled with stubborn weight gain and fatigue for years, today her thyroid is on the mend and she’s lost 12 pounds.

Jennifer* was frustrated by her PCOS-induced infertility and thought that she was doing everything right by doing intense exercise every day – to the point of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, now she’s kinder to her body and she has 6-month-old baby boy.

Amy* had painful and embarrassing IBS symptoms for years, then she made some shifts in her nutrition plan and is feeling great, and she’s keeping up the changes more than a year later!

Lisa* had severe pelvic pain for years, and almost submitted to having a hysterectomy that may or may not have relieved her pain, just by shifting her nutrition and healing her food sensitivities she avoided that major surgery and is now pain free.

(*Names have been changed and case specifics have been omitted to maintain client confidentiality.)

I have seen thousands of miracles over the course of my nearly 15-year career in women’s health.  I have faith and I see miracles of healing every day. 

Tomorrow morning, I will get up, eat my healthy breakfast and drink my green smoothie, peruse the new home listings, and have faith that my home will be revealed to me at the perfect time.

How can you let go of controlling today?  What miracles have you witnessed in your life?  Share your stories in the comments below.  And, if you know of a woman who is searching for a healing miracle and could use some inspiration, please share this post with her.