If you’re struggling with PCOS, every time you see your doctor she’s probably telling you to lose weight.  You’re thinking to yourself, “I would love to lose weight, but I have no idea how!  I have tried everything, and nothing has worked so far!”  You’re at your wit’s end and ready to give up!

I get it.  The vast majority of my clients come to me with a primary goal of losing weight.  Many of them have struggled with weight loss for decades, and they are beginning to think that it’s impossible.  I’m here to tell you that it absolutely is not!

I have worked with dozens of women who have struggled with PCOS for 10, 15, or even more than 20 years.  They have experienced the pain of irregular cycles, infertility, acne, excessive body hair growth, and more for decades.  And, I have seen time and time again that they feel better and lose weight usually within the first 3-4 months of our work together.

Don’t lose hope.  You’re probably on the right track, but just missing a few keys to YOUR weight loss puzzle.  Every case is different.

If every case is different, how can you go about putting together YOUR best weight loss plan if you struggle with PCOS?

Here’s how to start…

  • Do a seasonal cleanse of the most common food sensitivities to determine if gluten, dairy, eggs, or other common foods that cause inflammation are making your symptoms worse.  (Our Fall Release Cleanse™ release is coming late next week!  Keep an eye on your inbox for all of the details.)
  • Eat a healthy breakfast within 30-60 minutes of awakening in the morning.  What does “a healthy breakfast” contain?  Clean Protein + Fiber + Slow Carbohydrates + Healthy Fat.

Here are some delicious ideas…

Millet Porridge + a Green Smoothie

Vegetable Quiche + a Pumpkin Smoothie

Quinoa Porridge + a Green Smoothie

  • Eat large enough meals so that you’re not hungry for at least 4-6 hours until the next meal.
  • Eat lunches and dinners that contain a combination of Clean Protein + Fiber + Slow Carbohydrates + Healthy Fat.

Here are some delicious ideas…

Chicken Stew with Brown Rice

Chicken Curry with Brown Rice and a Big, Green Salad

Paleo Pasta with Meat Sauce and a Big, Green Salad

  • Kick sugar to the curb!  There’s no getting around the fact that sugar is a problem when it comes to weight loss for everyone.  And, if you struggle with PCOS it’s that much more of a problem because between 50 and 80 percent of women with PCOS struggle with insulin resistance.
  • Eating more protein and finding more sweetness in life instead of on your plate are the first steps toward lessening your sugar cravings.

Finding the sweetness in life can be challenging on busy, stressful days.  And yet, there are always sweet pleasures to be found when you take a breath and seek them.  Take a moment to share with us in the comments below the sweetness that you find in your day-to-day that has nothing to do with what’s on your plate.

You might see something like this on your walk home today…  Keep your eyes open and enjoy!