Here at The Integrative Pelvic Health Institute we believe that it’s essential for health and wellness professionals to understand the research (or lack there of) supporting their clinical practice.  We encourage our professional students to participate in informal (or formal) research.  We believe that the best healers put in the hours of practice building strong clinical and coaching skills.  But most of all, we believe that our professional students can do the most for their patients by inspiring them.  Inspiring our clients to be healthy means to live nourishingly, deeply, passionately, and richly ourselves.

For me, living richly and healthfully this weekend involved pizza.

My daughters and I started the day on Saturday at a gardening store.  We have a lot to learn about gardening, especially in this new climate, so we just showed up at the store picked out lots of seeds for tomatoes, onions, arugula, and everything we’d like to put on pizzas and salads all summer long (and into the fall… Kate was passionate about buying pumpkin seeds.)

Then, we just asked for help.  Rule #1 for feminine healing: learning to vulnerably ask for help and receive it lovingly.  The wonderful gardener at the store was amazing, she sorted all of the seeds we chose, and taught us when to plant them.  She helped us find the right soil (essential for nutrient dense vegetables), and another worker at the store helped to load the soil into our car.

Then, we went home and played in the garden!  Rule #2 for feminine healing: step away from work regularly, have new experiences, play, and nurture relationships with family and friends offline.

And, this happened…

Great soil for nutrient dense and delicious veggies

Great soil for nutrient dense and delicious veggies

Then, as a part of our Easter celebration, I spent some time playing in the kitchen making homemade pizza.  Rule #3 for feminine healing: Eat nourishingly and deliciously.  Healthy nutrition never needs to feel like deprivation.

I have made countless healthy, nutrient dense, gluten free pizza crusts and so far… this is my favorite.

(Note: If you’re grain free, the crust on page 115 of Sarah Fragosa’s Everyday Paleo Italian Cuisine is the one that I always make for my friend, Adrienne.  She loves it!) 

Paleo (grain and dairy free) Pizza

Paleo (grain and dairy free) Pizza

Anyway, back to my favorite..

Almond Herb Pizza Crust from Nourishing Meals by Ali Segersten and Tom Malterre.  I have finally perfected it…

My beautiful gluten free pizza crust

My beautiful gluten free pizza crust

Tom is one of the amazing guest speakers in our Professional Level Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach Certification program.  He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about using nutrition for healing.  He has been a practicing clinician and professional educator in the field of functional nutrition for over a decade.   Plus, he’s married to Ali (and, they have five kids!)  She is a personal chef and cooking instructor with a nutrition degree from Bastyr University.  Tom is a global expert in using elimination diets to heal physical illnesses from the root cause.  They have just released The Elimination Diet Support Program.  The program walks you and your clients through an elimination diet with the amazing support of delicious, easy recipes, cooking videos, and other tools.  Check it out to learn even more of their amazing, healing recipes.

The point, of course, is not that you must learn to make amazing, healthy pizza, but that as a health and wellness professional, you must practice living deeply and passionately, have fun, and eat, rest, and move joyfully.  Your clients need you to enjoy living a healthy life, and they need to see you doing your own work on the things that are painful, sad, or scary in your life.  We are all on a healing journey.  None of us has all of the answers.  Start with inspiring yourself.

There are times when the practice of living deeply hurts and is very challenging.  But, sometimes, it’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted…

Mmmmm... pizza

Mmmmm… pizza

Enjoy!  We’re here to support your journey.

In the comments below, we’d love to hear how living deeply and passionately has made you a better health and wellness professional.  Share your story!