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I’m thrilled to be a part of The Hashimotos Institute Summit this week.

Are your patients walking around with elevated antithyroid peroxidase (TPO) antibodies (a clinical indicator of an autoimmune problem with the thyroid)?

Do they even know if their their levels are elevated?

In a recent study, 1000 women in the first half of their pregnancy were screened for APO antibodies.  Of those, 11% had positive antibody levels.  Some of those women (6.5%), actually had elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone.  They had an undiagnosed hypothyroid condition.  But, 4% of those who were found to be TPOAb positive, had otherwise normal thyroid indicators.

Unfortunately, even though the basic thyroid function test was normal, these women were still at greater risk for infertility, anemia, and preterm delivery as compared with women in the control group.  (The women in the control group were negative for TPO antibodies.)

Quiet cases of autoimmunity, such as these, are showing up more and more in my practice.

Why are women’s immune systems increasingly fighting their own bodies?

How can you protect your thyroid from being hurt by your own body’s defense system?  How can you support your patients to do the same?

Is there an emotional fight going on inside your (or your patient’s) body?

We know from the literature on medical intuition that women with thyroid conditions often feel that their voice is stifled.  They feel that their wisdom doesn’t matter, doesn’t deserve to be heard, or that they are too afraid to speak what is on their minds.  Is there an internal battle being waged in your body-mind.  Is there some wisdom that you would like to share, but you’re too afraid of what others will think or of the consequences of speaking your truth?  Are you holding back your voice, but simmering with resentment?  If so, your thyroid may suffer.

Are you nourishing your body-mind-soul?

The thyroid needs lots of nutrients to function optimally, and when we eat diets that are nutrient poor, even if we’re eating lots of vegetables, but they’re from worn-out and depleted soils, we may be missing vital nutrients that can protect the thyroid and optimize its function.  One such nutrient that may be protective of the thyroid, especially during pregnancy, for lowering the risk of long term autoimmune thyroid conditions is selenium.

Here are some delicious recipes that are high in selenium.

Taking care of your (and your patient’s) thyroid health, ultimately comes back to self-care.  What are you holding back that needs to be said?  How could you do a better job of nourishing your body so that you can share your voice with even more confidence?  Nourish your body, share it’s wisdom, and inspire your patients and clients.

How has speaking your truth improved your health?  What is your favorite high selenium recipe for nourishing your voice?

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