Gluten Free Grains 101

Have you ever wondered what whole grains to eat if you or your patients would be better off gluten free?

How should you prepare and cook the grains?

Watch on…

What’s your favorite gluten free grain?  What’s your favorite grain recipe? Quinoa salad? Porridge? Stir-fry with brown rice?

Please share it with us in the comments below!



9 thoughts on “Gluten Free Grains 101

  1. Thank you Jessica, I use quinoa, but haven’t tried the others . I will try the others my salads and with my fish dishes, they sound great


  2. Thanks for this Video Jessica. I was curious about the soaking as I had heard about soaking nuts in a bit of warm salt water…. but I always thought that grains should be soaked in an acidic medium like a tablespoon of Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Can you explain the difference.

    Also for millet does it need to be soaked or can it be toasted to reduce the phytic acid.

    • Great question… let me dig into this one and get back to you on one of our future videos! Let’s dig a bit deeper on this.

  3. Shana Thorne says:

    Thank you Jessica. That was probably the most helpful thing I’ve seen regarding cooking with gluten free grains!Appreciated that the video was succinct and shot in your own kitchen (which is lovely, by the way) so viewers are able to see it done in a real life setting.
    Best regards,
    Shana Thorne

  4. Hello Jessica, thank you for sending this video. It was helpful! I’ve been trying to limit gluten since the summer cleanse I did with u last summer. Loved the kitchen setting. Beautiful!! I eat quinoa and brown rice.. Will now try the other grains. Any helpful recipes?? I’m ready for another detox! Lisa U

  5. Very helpful! You make it look so simple and fabulous!! Keep the videos coming…..very inspirational 🙂

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