Our Women’s Health Coach graduate and physical therapist Heba Shaheed is a Sydney, Australia based powerhouse.  Known as The Pelvic Expert, Heba is now reaching new mothers all over the globe with her unique Mother Nurture program.

I had the honor of witnessing her amazing growth as she took our Women’s Health Coach Certification and ran with it!  Heba recently had a new baby of her own, and began to realize just how under served postpartum women are.  She has worked very hard over the past few years to bring Mother Nurture to life, and now reaches thousands of women around the world, providing support for women who need it – women who may be too fatigued, overwhelmed (or just plain covered in baby spit!) to leave the house.  Her program helps women with nourishment, pelvic floor and core recovery, fatigue, and support!  When women are home bound with infants (and often other children), it can be really difficult to leave the house to get the support that they need.  With an online program, Heba is able to educate new mothers, giving them tools to nourish their depleted bodies, share valuable stress management tools, and teach them to look for red flags for when seeing an in person expert is essential.

I recently sat down with Heba to learn more about her journey and her new program…


I love Heba’s energy, her passion for her work, and how her unique work grew from her personal experiences.

Our graduates are doing amazing things all over the world to support the health of women.

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