You know from reading this blog that your stress hormone level impacts your pelvic pain by messing with your hormone balance.  Stress can impact your pelvic pain in other ways too like creating tension and spasm in the pelvic floor muscles, contributing to leaky gut and food sensitivities, and impacting your thyroid health (which also can impact your pelvic health.)  With all of the ways that abnormal stress hormone levels can cause or worsen pelvic pain, let’s talk today about ways to get your stress hormone levels back to normal.

First of all, before you even read this list.  Sit quietly for a few minutes, and tune into how your body is feeling.  Take 3-5 quiet, calming breaths.  And, then ask yourself: “What three changes can I make in my life to reduce my stress level?”  (Then, put a plan in place to make those three things happen.  Doing this will have a dramatic effect on your pain level.  Try it!)

If you need some inspiration, here are 50 ways to reduce your stress level.

1. Laugh.

2. Try Mindfulness Meditation.

3. Take a beginner or restorative yoga class (check out the Self-Care Salon at At Home Om.)

4. Play with a child.

5. Eat your lunch slowly and luxuriously.

6. Go shopping with a friend.

7. Walk barefoot in dirt or sand.

8. Watch a funny movie.

9. Drink a large glass of spa water and savor every minute of it.

10. Garden.

11. Go for a hike.

12. Try a new recipe.

13. Listen to something new on Pandora.

14. Give away at least 3 hugs.

15. Wrap yourself in a cozy robe.

16. Get all dressed up.

17. Take a walk.

18. Look at videos of cute babies on You Tube.

19. Call one of your friends.

20. Plan a girl’s night out.

21. Plan a vacation.

22. Go for a swim.

23. Stop watching the news.

24. Say, “No.” to the next 5 requests that anyone asks of you.

25. Take a nap.

26. Read a novel.

27. Visit a museum.

28. Turn off all of the artificial light in your house by 8pm, and spend the evening using just candlelight.

29. Set the table with your fine china.

30. Savor a cup of herbal tea.

31. Pray.

32. Read an inspirational book.

33. Go to bed early.

34. Wake up early and watch the sunrise.

35. Turn off your phone for 24 hours.

36. Listen to the person who is talking to you without judgment.

37. Read a book to a child.

38. Go for a drive.

39. Buy yourself flowers.

40. Write a letter to someone and mail it.

41. Write a thank you note.

42. Buy birthday gifts for three friends.

43. Cancel your cable subscription.

44. Volunteer to rock the babies at the hospital.

45. Pet the puppies at the shelter.

46. Have an orgasm.

47. Get a massage.

48. Go to the library.

49. Anonymously pay for something for a stranger.

50. Tip generously.

What do you need to do to lower your stress hormone levels starting today?  Share your ideas and stories in the comments below. 

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