Using an Elimination Diet to Relieve Vulvodynia and IBS

Functional Nutrition Treatment Options for Vulvodynia and IBS When the pain of vulvodynia hits - the painful sex, the pain with wearing tight pants, the pain with just sitting through a movie! - you just want it gone. Fortunately, by taking an integrative approach and getting to the root cause of your vulvodynia, it's possible to relieve your pain for the long term! You might have heard of seeking specialized…

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Pelvic Pain and Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Terry Wahls

Chronic Pelvic Pain and Autoimmunity... Is there a connection? In my practice, many of my patients who struggle with chronic pelvic pain also have autoimmune conditions.  Even those who don't have clear autoimmune diagnoses, often have autoimmune issues - such as intestinal barrier inflammation, food sensitivities, immune hyper-responsiveness, and chronic inflammation. In this interview with Dr. Terry Wahls, we discussed her approach to reversing autoimmune disease, and the connections between…

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How to Heal Vulvodynia

Vulvodynia affects over 14 million women in the US alone. Vulvodynia can be a frustrating condition to treat, because vulvodynia simply means pain in the vulva (or specifically in the vulvar vestibule), the name of the condition alone doesn’t tell us much about the root cause of vulvodynia. If vulvodynia is provoked, then it’s only bothersome when the tissue is irritated, such as during sex, when wiping after using the…

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