It’s difficult to summarize all the ways in which the Integrative Women’s Health Institute has changed my life. They are far more than doctors and coaches; they are caring and brilliant healers who believe in listening to their patients’ every concern and treating with a holistic approach to feeling the best version of yourself.

I had the immense pleasure of working with Angela and Dr. Nash just after being diagnosed with endometriosis and going through an intense surgery. It all happened so quickly, and it was a whirlwind of emotions combined with numerous physical and mental hurdles to tackle. Dr. Nash was a great listener and tailored my supplements according to my concerns, desires, and timelines, while also helping me build back up my gut and immune system. I’m still on that journey and not quite finished, but I’m never concerned that I continuously have her support.

Angela was my health coach and the second member of my team in the program. I cannot stress enough how amazing she was (and IS!). She possessed this consistent and unwavering support, while also providing me with the tools to adjust my lifestyle in ways that unbeknownst to me, would completely change the way I feel. My eyes were opened to the link between mental and physical health and how small, yet influential changes to my daily life, be it diet, mindfulness, sleep patterns, and exercise, could assist my physical recovery and move me toward my goal of feeling like a new and healthy person. Not only did she aid me in reaching these goals, but she helped me to realize my inner strength and confidence in being able to carry on with these changes and continue to excel on my own. Angela is an absolute treasure. She is kind, warm, sympathetic and I always looked forward to speaking with her. She felt like a close member of my personal team from the moment we met, and I will be forever grateful for what she has given me and how she has helped me change my life for the better.

This program is a true blessing to those women suffering from endometriosis or any other health issues. Anyone who feels helpless when it comes to their health needs to know there is a solution unlike anything out there, and it’s The Women’s Integrative Health Institute.