This Women’s Health Coach Certification program was fantastic! I love the new skills I have learned and had no idea that coaching was so helpful in every aspect of my life. It has made me be more mindful in conversations and helped me to be more aware of my own current situation. I feel that the course has helped my health in a positive way and I hope to continue to have this support. I really liked the content and I feel much more empowered to work with women.

The Women’s Health Coaching Certificate program is a top-notch program that really helps the practitioner take their knowledge and skill to the next level. I personally have been able to provide better care to the women I work with. I have also greatly benefited from applying the coaching and lifestyle management strategies to myself. I also look closer at how I am feeling and have developed better stress responses, and nutritional plans.

Thank you so much Jessica for pursuing your passion to help women. It will have an amazingly positive ripple affect now and many years to come for me in my practice, my life, and the life of my family. I also appreciate the support staff and the quick response to questions. Overall this program is amazing.