Menstrual Health

How to Relieve “Endo Belly”

One of the most frustrating challenges that our clients with endometriosis face is how to relieve the chronic bloating known as “Endo Belly.” Over the years, my practice has seen thousands of women struggling with this, and we have developed an integrative protocol for relieving the bloat for good. What is “Endo Belly”? Before we get into the steps to relieving Endo Belly, let’s talk about what it really is.…

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person holding their pubic area in pain

The Role of Rehabilitation Medicine in Chronic Pelvic Pain

It was my honor to interview Dr. Allyson Shrikhande, MD, founder of Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine about the role of rehabilitation medicine in chronic pelvic pain. Rehabilitation medicine includes the tools of pain and nervous system modulation medications, specific injections to improve local pain in the pelvis, including pelvic nerve pain, and management and referrals for integrative healing. At Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, the physicians are on the cutting edge of pain…

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Histamine Intolerance, Autoimmunity, and Endometriosis

Histamine is essential to a variety of physiologic functions, and it is a versatile biologic amine involved in fine-tuning the balance between immunity and tolerance.Immunity is the ability to fight infection or clear abnormal cellsTolerance is the ability of the immune system to tolerate “outsider molecules” like foods, dust, environmental chemicals, etc.Histamines affect dendritic cells (cells that boost the immune responses by showing antigens on their surfaces to other cells…

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Endometriosis and Fatigue: Relieving pain and fatigue, and improving fertility with an integrative approach

  Up to 80% of pelvic pain is related to endometriosis, and 176 million girls and women worldwide suffer from endometriosis. Helping women to overcome endometriosis requires a multidisciplinary, integrative approach.  There is no silver bullet solution to endometriosis, but when we take a collaborative approach and dig until we find each patient’s individual healing recipe of therapies, mindsets, and support, healing is available. What is Endometriosis? Endometriosis is a…

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The Top 4 Causes of Amenorrhea: Guest Post From Nicole Jardim

Your period is missing! Where and why did it go? When will it come back? Why is this bothering you so much when you’ve wished countless times for your period to go away anyways? Anyone who has experienced Amenorrhea knows about the anxiety caused by our friend who usually visits every month, suddenly going M.I.A. Additionally, your doctor (or even worse - the Internet) might be further confusing things with…

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