perimenopausal woman of color doing yoga in a park

7 Strategies for Perimenopause Weight Loss

When it comes to my perimenopausal clients, I don't like to focus on weight loss. However, for my clients it's often a welcomed side effect of addressing hormone imbalances, calming the nervous system, and regulating the body's processes.   I believe there are far more important things to worry about than weight loss when it comes to our health and frankly, our lives. As Glennon Doyle famously said,  “Your body…

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How to Heal and Treat Vulvodynia

How to Heal and Treat Vulvodynia Vulvodynia affects over 14 million people in the US alone. This complex pain syndrome is a frustrating condition to treat. Vulvodynia is a condition that causes pain in the vulva (or specifically in the vulvar vestibule). The root cause of vulvodynia is not fully understood. Vulvodynia is most bothersome when provoked and when the tissue is irritated. This often happens during sex, when wiping…

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Sleep, Melatonin, and Endometriosis

Sleep issues and endometriosis often go hand in hand. Patients with endometriosis frequently struggle with a variety of sleep issues, including insomnia, pain-insomnia, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, restless leg syndrome, and more. But...why is it so common for people with endometriosis to struggle with poor sleep and sleep issues? When cortisol goes up, melatonin goes down. Cortisol, a key stress buffing hormone, inhibits melatonin, and melatonin is an important hormone…

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black woman giving herself a breast exam checking for breast cancer

Xenoestrogens and Breast Cancer

Xenoestrogen Exposure is a Clear Risk Factor for Breast Cancer and Others For our clients and patients with exposure to xenoestrogens, the first step is to reduce the exposures, lowering their overall toxic load, and in turn reducing the risk for breast cancer. Everyone is exposed to some level of xenoestrogens; it’s impossible to completely avoid them. Thus, it’s important to emphasize the benefit of small, consistent reductions of exposure,…

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Celery Juice – Does It Live Up to The Hype?

Celery juice, the hottest new instagram trend for solving all of your health problems, is probably ridiculous, right? That's what I thought, until I looked at the published literature on the specific health benefits of celery. Let's consider why some people are actually experiencing symptom reduction when starting their day with celery juice... Benefits of Celery Juice and Eating Celery 1. Celery juice has significant antioxidant effect: Celery root water…

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What Causes Acne? Get Glowing and Clean Skin From The Root

Conventional creams and pills don’t address what causes acne. Acne is a common problem for teens. Eighty-five percent of 12-24 year olds experience acne. It’s a growing problem for adult women as well. Fifteen percent of us also struggle with acne. For most women with acne, whether it’s in their teens or beyond, the conventional recommendations for treatment are either hormonal birth control pills, topical benzoyl peroxide and/ or topical…

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Using an Elimination Diet to Relieve Vulvodynia and IBS

Functional Nutrition Treatment Options for Vulvodynia and IBS When the pain of vulvodynia hits - the painful sex, the pain with wearing tight pants, the pain with just sitting through a movie! - you just want it gone. Fortunately, by taking an integrative approach and getting to the root cause of your vulvodynia, it's possible to relieve your pain for the long term! You might have heard of seeking specialized…

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Can Women Healthfully Drink Alcohol?

It's the morning after. Your client (or you!) woke up after a night of celebration tired, with a headache, dry skin, dry mouth, just Ugh! Is alcohol ever healthy?  And, are there ways to enjoy alcohol and protect your liver, preventing the next day hangover?  In this video, I explain the evidence... How does alcohol impact hormone health?  Are there any health benefits to drinking alcohol? Sometimes our clients simply…

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Postpartum Care is Undervalued and Underserved, How You Can Help

A Rare and Needed Service: Providing Postpartum Care by Providing Skilled Health Coaching Services to New Mothers Just under 4 million babies are born in the United States each year (1), approximately 700,000 in the UK (2), and over 300,000 in Australia (3).  In total, 130 million babies are born in the world every year! (4) After having a baby, the healthcare focus generally shifts from the pregnant woman to…

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Skin Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Collagen

The skin is a window to a woman’s general health.  While there are many health benefits of dark chocolate, skin health tops the priority list for many women. Dark chocolate with collagen, plus an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan, hydration, and sleep are a winning combination for optimizing skin health. Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate In my practice the skin health issues that women tend to struggle with include acne related to…

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