fresh vegetable are crucial to functional nutrition and medicine

Functional Medicine: Women’s Health Coach Certification

What is functional medicine?Functional medicine is a systems biology based approach that looks for the root causes of diseases and symptoms. Functional medicine aims to optimize functioning of the body’s cells, systems, and the environmental systems where the person lives.The goal of a functional medicine perspective is not simply to quiet the symptoms, but to relieve the symptoms at the root cause.Functional Medicine vs. Functional Nutrition Technically, functional medicine is only practiced by providers…

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Histamine Intolerance, Autoimmunity, and Endometriosis

Histamine is essential to a variety of physiologic functions, and it is a versatile biologic amine involved in fine-tuning the balance between immunity and tolerance. Immunity is the ability to fight infection or clear abnormal cells Tolerance is the ability of the immune system to tolerate “outsider molecules” like foods, dust, environmental chemicals, etc. Histamines affect dendritic cells (cells that boost the immune responses by showing antigens on their surfaces…

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5 Powerful Strategies to Lift The Brain Fog

One of the most frustrating symptoms, second only to intense pain, that my patients struggle with is brain fog. I don’t have time in my life for brain fog (and neither do you!) Let me share 3 of my most powerful tools for clearing the (brain) fog! I do a lot of writing, researching, teaching and working with patients every week, in addition to cooking dinner, taking care of my…

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