I was struggling with undiagnosed endometriosis for ten years and It continued to get worse even after having a Laparoscopy. A good friend of mine over the pandemic brought me to Dr. Iris Orbuch for a second Laparoscopy that ended up being successful, she brought me to Jessica Drummond’s team. In my first session with my health coach Angela Dobinsky, I already knew she understood everything I needed and more. She was so patient and smart, I learned and improved my diet so much in a matter of weeks. I went from poor water intake to drinking a gallon of water everyday and learning the importance of food mindfulness and more. Dr. Ginger Nash sent me drops and supplements that helped assist with the discomfort I was feeling after my surgery and Angela put me on an ALL anti-inflammatory diet which I’m still currently on. I started to feel so much better energy-wise and it felt like an amazing cleanse. I learned A LOT from Angela and I’m so grateful for her. She sent me notes that I will never forget or misplace! Her advice is timeless and she was very easy to talk to. Angela made me feel supported and so did Jessica’s entire team.