Women’s Health Coach Certificate – My introduction to health coaching was through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and, as someone very new to the field, it was a perfect fit. However, as I grew in my knowledge and skill, I realized I wanted and needed further study in functional medicine and nutrition as well more study around health behavior change. Honestly, I regret the class has come to an end. It was enriching and thought-provoking in both a coaching and human systems perspective. I would like to sit for the ICHWC certification to further develop my skills. Thank you for your continued support in addition to the consistent offerings encouraging me to grow my skills. I look forward to staying connected to the Integrative Women’s Health Institute!

The most enjoyable part of the course for me were the functional nutrition modules. I was exposed to academic literature in connection with human systems, which I found fascinating, and hope to study further in some capacity.

I thoroughly enjoyed my instructions, particularly from Jessica. She is a wealth of wisdom in many aspects of health care and it is deeply reflected in the content she creates and delivers.