When I first started the Women’s Health Coach Certification I never expected how it was going to change my life, my health and my career, giving me a much wider view of what women’s health is and very powerful tools, skills and resources to work with my clients in a much deeper and effective level. Now I can offer a better service and I feel much more confident on my practice.

At the same time I felt that IWHI take a great care of me during my time with them. The retreats, the community, the Master Coaches, everything was so important and helped me a lot in the process of learning and developing new skills. They are an amazing team of amazing women that were giving me support and all the options to help me to get through the modules and exams and get my certification.

I strongly recommend the IWHI and this Certification, not only because it’s focused on Women’s Health, which is so important, but because the content, the method, the platform, the team, the support given, everything was great, more than I expected and exactly what I needed. Definitely is a life changing experience.

I am deeply thankful to all the team, but especially to Jessica Drummond for creating the IWHI and this program and to my Master Coach, for being such a great support.

(–> CEO and founder of www.recuperatuciclo.com – A project to empower women to be the creator of their own health, focused on women between 25 and 50 years old with endometriosis, adenomyosis or PCOS.)