Success Stories

The Integrative Women's Health Institute has worked with thousands of clients throughout the world to help them resolve period, pelvic, and sexual pain, optimize their health to prepare for pregnancy, recover postpartum, balance their hormones, improve their sports performance, recover from over training, and optimize their heart, hormone, and brain health in perimenopause and beyond.

Dr. Nara Yoon


There simply aren’t enough words to say how wonderful the Integrative Women’s Health Institute is. Taking part in their programs has forever changed the way I work with my clients!

Katrina Hawes


I liked the Optimal Fertility Program very much. After finishing the Women’s Health Coaching Certification Program I was happy to continue to learn but also happy that it was a shorter course. I learned a lot of great information that I’ll be sure to pass on to my clients! I liked the addition of Lara’s information and as always, Jessica’s wisdom and guidance.”

Rachel Eyre

Health Coach / The Healthy Womb

Annett Arkun

Holistic Nutritonist, NSCF CPT, CES

I have been looking at the Optimal Fertility program for over 1 year and I’m so glad I finally took it! This course will help me design my own fertility program and I’m able to include evidence based suggestions and help my clients on different levels, not only in the preconception phase but all the way through motherhood! I feel more confident and more empowered to help my clients. Every time I listen to an IWHI webinar/course module, I feel more passionate about my work! THANK YOU! I would highly recommend this course.

Lauren Haring


As a 15 year veteran nurse working in a fertility clinic, I really enjoyed the Optimal Fertility Program. Previously, I did not have the opportunity to delve into this side of treating the fertility patient but have extensive experience emotionally supporting my patients. I look forward to providing more integrative fertility support to this population as I launch my own business.

Catherine McLeod-Moya

BSN, RN, Certified Holistic Health Coach
The Optimal Fertility course has a great compilation of evidence based research and great practical advice for health coaches to implement. I enjoyed having summaries of research data that can be applied to clinical practice. and the thorough discussion on toxins. (

Nicoletta Wilhoite


I love that the Optimal Fertility course felt truly integrative, so many avenues to explore and support to achieve optimal fertility. This course put my previous knowledge under the umbrella of fertility and women’s health which is what I was looking for.

Kate Naranjo

Fertility HWC

I was not anticipating the volume of toxic load emphasis when I signed up for the Optimal Fertility course, but I have enjoyed it and will definitely use that content in my practice. All my expectations were met–to learn more on how to support women and couples through the preconception phase and into postpartum.

Eliza Cait

The Optimal Fertility course presented a vast amount of evidence-based resources and data on the why’s and how’s of planning for preconception from a nutrition and detox perspective. I love the Facebook group! Keep up the great work!

Rachel Ferretti

Integrative Health Coach /

The Optimal Fertility course was very informative overall and gave me more confidence to provide support for this niche clientele. I am a health coach so some of the specific recommendations for supplements and the slides on the inter-workings of the microbiota was good information to be exposed to.

Nita Ewald

I gained so much confidence in coaching fertility clients after taking the Optimal Fertility Course.  The materials are so comprehensive and backed by science – I now know how to talk about toxins and supporting detoxification nutritionally with my clients. The preconception nourishment module for both women and men (yes, male fertility is equally important when trying to conceive!) is my first ‘go to’ source when looking for information for clients. If your work involves supporting women/couples trying to conceive or experience fertility challenge, I highly recommend this course! 

Ágnes Maróti-Nagy 

MD (Public Health and Preventive Medicine), PhD from University of Szeged, Hungary

The Optimal Fertility program was profound, holistic and client-focused. I really enjoyed the way Jessica talked about communication with clients, and the many aspects of it.

Jessica Victoria

Optimal Fertility – I really enjoyed all of the pre done handouts and recipes I thought that was extremely helpful. I also loved that the coursed focused a lot on the role of environmental toxins which is sometimes overlooked.

I appreciated the great support throughout and even upon completion of the program.

Maria Romo

For me Hormones 101 does not only improve my knowledge to be able to help my clients. I am going to be the first one to put in practice and see if all these information helps be have an easier time getting pregnant than the first time; and have a much better pregnancy than last time.

MacKenzie Hodge

Women’s Health & Fertility Coach, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher

The Optimal Fertility course was excellent. It laid out, in detail how to coach a client through her fertility process. The coaching advice was very helpful in junction with understanding fertility scientifically and I would definitely recommend this course to others.