Success Stories

The Integrative Women's Health Institute has worked with thousands of clients throughout the world to help them resolve period, pelvic, and sexual pain, optimize their health to prepare for pregnancy, recover postpartum, balance their hormones, improve their sports performance, recover from over training, and optimize their heart, hormone, and brain health in perimenopause and beyond.

Heba Shaheed


Jessica Drummond is one of the most amazing women and mentors I’ve had the pleasure to meet (virtually). IWHI provides all the answers I have been searching for – an integrative approach to women’s health care, combining nutrition, lifestyle and premier coaching for ultimate health.

I stumbled across IWHI in 2014 when I was trying to find help for the many personal issues I was facing. My health was at it’s lowest, I’d just had my first Endometriosis laparoscopy, and was still experiencing many symptoms particularly digestively and hormonally.

I am blessed to be one of the first students to enrol for the Women’s Health Coaching program. And the program literally changed my life, transforming my own health and the health of my complex clients beyond bounds.

Since then I have become addicted to IWHI programs, enrolling for Female Athlete in 2015, the upgraded WHC in 2016, which just kicked off this month, and I can’t wait to sign up for the Preconception course later this year. I have found immense value in all of the courses, both for myself personally and professionally, and for my clients.

Going through the WHC program has also inspired me to start up my own online education and coaching business – The Pelvic Expert. I’m so grateful to have the support of amazing therapists, coaches and healers like Jessica. Thank you Jessica for being an amazing inspiration!

Heather Mathis

Physical Therapist

As a pediatric physical therapist and mother to very athletic children, I was happy to see this great program that helps educate on this important topic of athlete wellness and bring light to a variety of topics and issues impacting our children, especially with the rise of early specialization in sports and competitive year long traveling leagues. The information was also valuable to me as a mother and athlete myself to learn ways to support my hormones throughout my life. Thanks Jessica and Julie for developing this program! I enjoyed learning visualization strategies like the bell to help when working with kids and I would love to learn more. I also liked having the quizzes after each module.

Amy Schad

I enjoyed the Female Athlete Wellness course. The modules offered new information and also provided supportive resources for me to further investigate topics of interest.

I enjoyed the range of the course. Most of my education has focused on adult female athletes and I really enjoyed the modules on the young female athlete. This information was new to me and I look forward to digger deeper into this topic. Thank you !

Beth Jones

Female Athlete Wellness was really great. I love how it filled in some of the gaps relating specifically to female athletes that my education as an ATC were lacking. Such needed info for all sports med professionals!

The holistic approach and addressing a full range of considerations for this group. I personally want to know everything that could be a factor, and I feel like the Female Athlete Wellness course covered most things.

Brenda Gajowski

The Female Athlete Wellness course was very informative and presented in a clear way. I had a lot of “ah ha” moments! I am a physical therapist and work primarily with women and this course has not only added so much value to my treatments and given me more depth of knowledge on how to help to improve health and wellness, but has inspired me to shift my way of thinking and move my practice in a little different direction.

I love the “whole woman” approach and the collaboration of many different professionals in this field. My favorite module was the one on pelvic pain and pelvic floor health and I was able to apply it immediately to my work.

The Female Athlete Wellness course was wonderful and I hope to continue my education through IWHI!

Danielle Hooijschuur

The Female Athlete Wellness program is a course I did in 2016 and i have since been able to help many of my female patients in my work as a physiotherapist. I enjoyed all the detailed information which is based on scientific research such as the nutritional information and the information about the female hormones linked to nutrition.

Fatima Mahida

Health Coach

The Female Athlete Wellness program – I enjoyed learning about how the stages in fitness and nutrition impact their health. And how to create lifelong female wellness. Loved learning in depth from a young female athlete to having a lifelong female wellness athlete.
All the bonus recordings were extremely valuable as well. I’m grateful for having amazing teachers who give us the knowledge and wisdom needed.

Jennifer McMahon

The Female Athlete Wellness course was thorough and well put together with a logical flow to the information. Course objectives were met.

Thank you for your work in bringing this education to providers in this format. I think your work does and will change lives!