Success Stories

The Integrative Women's Health Institute has worked with thousands of clients throughout the world to help them resolve period, pelvic, and sexual pain, optimize their health to prepare for pregnancy, recover postpartum, balance their hormones, improve their sports performance, recover from over training, and optimize their heart, hormone, and brain health in perimenopause and beyond.

Renee Clark

The Chronic Pelvic Pain program was excellent. I really like the step by step approach and treatments based on research. The interview about the vagas nerve was very powerful and resonated completely and will help me heal in my own life.

Tara Beran

The Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain  course was extremely thorough. I was impressed with all the research in this course.   I really had to listen and pay attention to the material because there was so much information that I haven’t seen and heard before.  I would of never been able to find all this information on my own even with many hours looking for it and then putting it in a concise format.  Thank you Jessica for doing all the hard work so we can learn this important information.  – Desert Physical Therapy & Pelvic Health

Angela Dobinsky

The Chronic Pelvic Pain was such an amazing course! I feel like the information I learned from this course is the missing component for a lot of my pelvic pain patients. There was so much information presented that I know as I go back and listen to the modules again and again, I will learn more each time. I am looking forward to taking more of Jessica’s courses.

Sandy Parker

Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain was very thorough! I have a BS in Health Education; however, this is over 30 years ago. I have been updating my movement science information by studying with Katy Bowman at Nutritious Movement–and that was very valuable for understanding the most recent information on biomechanics, tissue, and organ health. However, I need to bring my functional nutrition up to date for the latest science and the manifestation of dis-ease that my clients are experiencing. I look forward to completion of the coaching program over the next year (or two!).

Alexandra Antoniou

Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain – Fantastic content, beyond my expectations.