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The Integrative Women's Health Institute has worked with thousands of clients throughout the world to help them resolve period, pelvic, and sexual pain, optimize their health to prepare for pregnancy, recover postpartum, balance their hormones, improve their sports performance, recover from over training, and optimize their heart, hormone, and brain health in perimenopause and beyond.

Sinead Moffat

Life Coach -

Often we focus on where we need to go instead of celebrating the success along the way. It feels so good to have the support and great knowledge that Jessica has to share. It really goes a long way. 6 months ago I was 30 pounds heavier, had thyroid problems, metabolism slow as you can imagine, felt stressed almost 100% of the time and felt sluggish along with that. No energy and I was an angry mom most of the time! And sex was a no-no, no way, no thank you, hurts too much! Fast forward to today and I am a true believer in “ask and it is given”.

I asked for help and direction and Jessica showed up! My life has almost completely changed. I feel healed from the inside out, 30 lbs lighter, mentally lighter, up for sex again and actually feeling vibrant! I feel very grateful and really know now anything is possible.

We can heal our lives and our bodies.

I just want to thank you, Jessica, for doing what you do and for being a light for us sharing your experience and wisdom and making a difference in the world! Big love!!

Lanniece F. Hall


I cannot say enough good things about IWHI’s Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach program. It is thorough, informative, evidence-based, practical, and changes the paradigm of caring for women with pelvic pain.

As a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has been dissatisfied with the standard of care for pelvic pain and spent thousands of dollars attending numerous conferences on pelvic pain, pain processing, holistic and integrative medicine, I wish I had started with this program first. I would have saved money and been very well prepared to treat this patient population in a more and evidence-based way.

For any medical doctors who may be hesitant, delay no longer; you will be more than satisfied! This course will change your practice and the way you view not only your pelvic pain patients but all of your patients.

Lily Starling


Going gluten and sugar free and cutting way down on caffeine has had the effect of reducing about 50% of my chronic pain.

Another positive result, and I have to say this took me totally by surprise, is that after 10 months, my IUD has stopped trying to murder me from the inside, or at least that’s what it was feeling like!

I was suffering through stabbing pain for months and taking huge amounts of ibuprofen (up to 2400 mg/day) for weeks up to and through my period. If you have the misfortune to be totally incompatible with all forms of hormonal birth control, you can understand why I was at my wit’s end.

This month I’ve only taken 400 mg TOTAL of ibuprofen and finally feeling hopeful that my birth control and I can be friends. My cycle is getting more regular, too! This is so encouraging after months of pain and years of irregular cycles.

Jessica is so wise. IWHI is a sanctuary for women who have felt totally dismissed or unsupported by the conventional “women’s health” medicine and programs out there. Sometimes it’s serious conversations and sometimes it feels like a glass of wine with my girlfriends. No matter what, the information and support is top notch and one of a kind.

Dr. Kasia Kines

I have been a successful clinician in private practice for a long time, but stepping into training other clinicians to work with complex medical cases was challenging to say the least. It is also too easy to fall into analysis paralysis and get in your own way no matter how experienced of a business owner you already are! Jessica’s support helped me get over myself and just go and do it – launch my EBV Clinician Training Program that I am now absolutely loving!!! Thank you Jessica!!! And I know I had to listen because while we are colleague nutritionists and both successful business owners, I often look up to her for her amazing business expertise and savvy and practical approach. Her guidance has been priceless and always so appreciated. I can promise you that any business coaching Jessica puts together will be phenomenal and absolutely worth every penny!

Dr. Nara Yoon


There simply aren’t enough words to say how wonderful the Integrative Women’s Health Institute is. Taking part in their programs has forever changed the way I work with my clients!

Rachel Eyre

Health Coach, The Healthy Womb

I have taken three courses with the Integrative Women’s Health Institute and each time I am impressed with the amount of content, data and practical skills I come away with that I an integrate into my practice straight away. Not only have I developed my coaching skills beyond what I thought was possible, it has had a profound effect on my clients, letting them take the lead in many cases where they have previously felt hopeless.

The amount of evidence for nutritional strategies and the systematic approach has truly revolutionised my practice and helped me to make skilled recommendations to my clients where required.

If you work with women, I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Nicole Jardim


The WHC Certification Program is rocking my world. I have done a lot of training programs in the last five years and this is hands down the best one I’ve ever participated in.

In this relatively new field of work in which the research and facts are sometimes scarce, having access to this course that is so well-researched is so encouraging. Jessica has covered every aspect of women’s hormonal health and backed it all up with thorough evidence-based research. It’s all very compelling!

Each session has been interactive and engaging. Jessica is a masterful teacher and her passion for this work really shines through every step of the way. She has left no stone unturned and covers each topic comprehensively. There is so much material that I find myself going back through each of the webinars at least 2 or 3 times. Additionally, I’ve implemented a lot of what I’ve learned into my own practice and I’m seeing phenomenal results with my clients.

If you are a coach or physical therapist and want to learn the best evidence-based practices to help your female clients, this is the course to take!

Heba Shaheed


Jessica Drummond is one of the most amazing women and mentors I’ve had the pleasure to meet (virtually). IWHI provides all the answers I have been searching for – an integrative approach to women’s health care, combining nutrition, lifestyle and premier coaching for ultimate health.

I stumbled across IWHI in 2014 when I was trying to find help for the many personal issues I was facing. My health was at it’s lowest, I’d just had my first Endometriosis laparoscopy, and was still experiencing many symptoms particularly digestively and hormonally.

I am blessed to be one of the first students to enrol for the Women’s Health Coaching program. And the program literally changed my life, transforming my own health and the health of my complex clients beyond bounds.

Since then I have become addicted to IWHI programs, enrolling for Female Athlete in 2015, the upgraded WHC in 2016, which just kicked off this month, and I can’t wait to sign up for the Preconception course later this year. I have found immense value in all of the courses, both for myself personally and professionally, and for my clients.

Going through the WHC program has also inspired me to start up my own online education and coaching business – The Pelvic Expert. I’m so grateful to have the support of amazing therapists, coaches and healers like Jessica. Thank you Jessica for being an amazing inspiration!

Jenny Burrell

BSc (Hons), DipSMRT, WHNC

I truly believe that Jessica Drummond is a visionary and without doubt the most thorough educator I have ever had the pleasure to study with!

Robyn Spens

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach UK

My overall impression of the Hormones 101 course was extremely positive. The clarity and depth of content delivered is first class. The facilitation style of Dr. Jessica Drummond is superb. She took complex topics and made them manageable.

This course will certainly support my practice, and I urge anyone looking to specialize in women’s health to consider the Integrative Women’s Institute. The content will help you take your practice to the next level.

Amy O’Mara

Holistic Therapies & Business Coach

I wasn’t sure what to expect! I really signed up for the Hormones 101 course because I feel that any knowledge from the IWHI is valuable! It was the first course i signed up to with Jessica Drummond, and I have now enrolled in further studies. It was that good!

Hormones 101 was short, but very detailed and really made me understand the affects of stress on the hormone system. I find the Facebook group very valuable also. Seeing other therapists asking questions is enabling me to learn also. I’m looking forward to my next stage of learning, so that I can offer even more support and education to my female clients.

Katrina Hawes


I really loved the WHC program! So much so that I signed up for more courses with IWHI. I’ve taken other health coaching programs but have learned a lot of new material going through the WHC. The program is taught in a way that makes sense, step by step. Each module is very informative and I really loved plugging through one by one. Starting a new module felt like opening up a present. Also, with some online learning that I’ve experienced it seemed as the teacher is reading straight from notes and I had a hard time focusing. Jessica isn’t like that. I felt like she was speaking directly to me. It kept me engaged and interested. Jessica is very personable, knowledgeable and really cares about teaching health coaching. It is so obvious that she is extremely committed and caring! The support I received during the program was wonderful and made me feel almost like “family”.

I definitely feel ready now!

Angela Dobinsky


The Hormones 101 program was amazing! As a pelvic floor physical therapist, it provided me with an entirely new thought process, which I know will highly benefit my patients with chronic pelvic pain. I was always aware that hormones could be playing a role in one’s symptoms, however, this course has given me a much deeper understanding of the ways in which they could be involved, as well as, an understanding of how the various hormones are interconnected. Jessica does a great job thoroughly explaining the various hormone systems and explaining how if one system is off, the impact it can have on the others. I now feel so much more comfortable explaining this to my patients and believe my new knowledge will help lead me to the root cause for some of my patient’s symptoms.

Dr. Lori O’Neill


I have done several programs with IWHI and I am so grateful to Jessica Drummond and the Support Staff at IWHI for offering services and resources in an accessible online platform without compromising the standard of professional continuing education. The content for the courses blend current, evidence based research with clinical expertise to foster the clinical reasoning skills necessary for direct application.

As a Women’s Health and Pelvic Physical Therapist, we have an obligation to look through a holistic lens for more efficient, effective and sustainable client solutions. Being knowledgeable on basic nutritional principles within the scope of our practice is a great example of topics Jessica is expertly sharing with us. Jessica’s presentation style is engaging with nice graphics and diagrams to reference. Between my learning style and “full plate”, I would not be able to travel nor mentally process the intense level of content presented in multi day, live courses.

The IWHI Community has the benefits of real time dialogue opportunities, good reference material for reviewing and an active social media group. I look forward to an ongoing learning experience through IWHI.

Renee Clark

The Endometriosis MasterClass was an excellent program and a valuable addition to my knowledge and client care skills. The program is very comprehensive, practical and I highly recommend it.

Heather Mathis

Physical Therapist

As a pediatric physical therapist and mother to very athletic children, I was happy to see this great program that helps educate on this important topic of athlete wellness and bring light to a variety of topics and issues impacting our children, especially with the rise of early specialization in sports and competitive year long traveling leagues. The information was also valuable to me as a mother and athlete myself to learn ways to support my hormones throughout my life. Thanks Jessica and Julie for developing this program! I enjoyed learning visualization strategies like the bell to help when working with kids and I would love to learn more. I also liked having the quizzes after each module.

Vashti Kanahele

(MSHS) /

I thought the Hormones 101 program was fantastic and the knowledge gained will be immensely helpful in building my practice.  I enjoyed the course in its entirety but purchased it mainly to expand my knowledge of Thyroid health and optimizing it in women. While I enjoyed that module and learned a great deal, the third module on sex hormones was my favorite. As a mother and hormone coach, I found it informative, thought-provoking, and I will use this information in everyday life as well as my practice. Thank you for providing such an immensely educational and interesting course. I loved it and feel like I learned an incredible amount. – Vashti Kanahele / Hormone & Environmental Toxins Coach

Corey B. Dresen


“The information in this course has proven to be essential in my practice treating women with pelvic pain. After each module, I was excited to share what I learned with my coworkers, as well as implement new strategies for managing endometriosis. Overall, I feel more prepared to educate and treat patients and provide quality care that is supplemented with nutritional information. The sheer amount of information was fantastic. I also loved the numerous resources provided, and I always look forward to utilizing Jessica’s expertise with patients. I am constantly blown away by her knowledge base. In short, the course was absolutely wonderful! Thank you!”

Dr. Lori O’Neill


“The Functional Nutrition for Rehabilitation Professionals had a good balance of surface material with clinical application. It didn’t feel like getting lost in the deep biochemistry.

I liked that I was able to move through the program at my own pace and I would definitely recommend this program to my friends and colleagues.”

Dr. Rachael Elizabeth Miller


This course was fantastic! I love the new skills I have learned and had no idea that coaching was so helpful in every aspect of my life. It has made me be more mindful in conversations and helped me to be more aware of my own current situation. I feel that the course has helped my health in a positive way and I hope to continue to have this support. I really liked the content and I feel much more empowered to work with women.

The Women’s Health Coaching Certificate program is a top-notch program that really helps the practitioner take their knowledge and skill to the next level. I personally have been able to provide better care to the women I work with. I have also greatly benefited from applying the coaching and lifestyle management strategies to myself. I also look closer at how I am feeling and have developed better stress responses, and nutritional plans.

Thank you so much Jessica for pursuing your passion to help women. It will have an amazingly positive ripple affect now and many years to come for me in my practice, my life, and the life of my family. I also appreciate the support staff and the quick response to questions. Overall this program is amazing.”

Katrina Hawes


I liked the Optimal Fertility Program very much. After finishing the Women’s Health Coaching Certification Program I was happy to continue to learn but also happy that it was a shorter course. I learned a lot of great information that I’ll be sure to pass on to my clients! I liked the addition of Lara’s information and as always, Jessica’s wisdom and guidance.”

Dr. Julie Granger


The course has been instrumental in helping me develop my skills as a coach! I appreciated the depth of resources and information provided in the course. I loved how devoted it was to the health and wellness needs of WOMEN and have already highly recommended it to others!”

Crystal Fasano

I learned a lot from this course. The research and information is exactly what I needed in order to help my clients more effectively. I enjoyed the organization of the modules and thought that overall it was a positive experience. The information provided in the course has already helped me when working with my current clients.

Karly Coltman

M.Phty. (Master of Physiotherapy), Australia

The Hormones 101 program was a fantastic course. This was my first functional nutrition course and it has opened my eyes to the world of nutrition in healing women’s health conditions.”

Sally Love

DNN Natural Nutritionist & Soul Wisdom Coach
The Hormones 101 program is very enjoyable, easy to follow, packed full of great information. Dr. Drummond has taken a highly complex subject and presented it in an engaging, easily understandable format. I’m sure I’ll be referring to this often.” –

Rachel Eyre

Health Coach / The Healthy Womb

Allison Vernon-Thompson

Co-Owner Tribeca Health & Fitness
Jessica Drummond is a gem.  I appreciate Jessica’s down to earth and practical approach. I loved setting biweekly goals and knowing I would be asked about them during our group calls. It was amazing accountability. My business expanded while I was working with Jessica. I increased my client base and was asked to join a couple partnerships. All of which increased my monthly income significantly.
Michael Robilotto is wonderful. He is easy to communicate with and went above and beyond to assist me with legal documents that were very scary for a newby. I highly recommend working with him. His wisdom and experience are sure to help you!

Kathy McCune

Nourish was my first introduction to a comprehensive approach to healing my recently diagnosis of IC.  I was desperate for help and support and Nourish provided that. There were many useful tools.  Your caring and professional approach was a relief.
I’m a health care professional and appreciated your health care education and background.
The tools I use most often were the daily journal.  Eventually I created a shortened version that worked for me.
The recipes are wonderful, the shopping list, seasonings, food prep tips, etc.  I’ve enjoyed many of them.
The exercises and meditation practices.
Thank you for this incredibly helpful program.  I go back periodically and review.

LaTess Echavarria, OT

The Endometriosis MasterClass was very informative and I love the EBR included in the content. It’s given me a foundation to start with coaching clients about endometriosis as well as being able to answer some of the frequently asked questions and myths associated with this diagnosis.

Alicia Bello

Functional Nutritionist and Nutritional Coach

I started the Women’s Health Coaching program with great expectations and I was still surprised by the high quality of all the material and the great amount of resources that we received. The program is very well organized and thought out, and the support from Jessica and her team is incredible! I am very satisfied and happy to have decided to take this course and the results I am getting. I’m very grateful to Jessica and her team for the amazing job they are doing.

Amy Groner


I thought the Endometriosis MasterClass program gave me a much better understanding about endometriosis and the effects on the immune system. My favorite part of the course was learning what we can do to help our clients improve their quality of life through optimizing the health of their other systems and giving them a good nutrition program with supplements to help with overall inflammation.

Naja Chikazunga-Martin

PT, DPT, Integrative Women's Health and Nutrition Coach

This course was so enlightening. It stretched my understanding of me and my body beyond what I could have ever imagined. Furthermore, it provided me with evidenced-based knowledge to support my colleagues and clients/patients. I am super impressed. I feel confident with the skills I gained in this course to cultivate my own Women’s Health and Nutrition Coaching practice. I will always have these resources and a community/tribe to refer to. And for that, I am eternally grateful. (

Heather Brooks

MPT, Certified Women’s Health Coach

The Functional Nutrition for Women’s Health is a great course with lots of good information on how nutrition can help treat various disorders. I would definitely recommend taking this course.

Hosna Tazehzadeh


I really enjoyed the Endometriosis MasterClass! The information was so thorough, valuable, evidence-based, and applicable to the patients that I am treating. I feel much more knowledgeable on these topics and cannot wait to implement them in my practice.

Cathy Driver

Registered Nurse, Health Coach, and Personal Trainer

I really enjoyed the Hormones 101 program and feel more confident with my understanding of the female endocrine system throughout the various life cycle stages.

Beth Anne Fisher

PT, DPT, CSCS, WHC and Arvigo Practitioner

The Endometriosis MasterClass was very informative and deep into the genetics, chemistry, medical management and nutritional aspects, as I would expect from Jessica’s teaching – she is a master of these things!  The detail of the course, the evidence that helped to dispel some myths around endometriosis, length was good, info very up-to-date   I feel more confident in addressing my patients with endometriosis after learning from this course, and I feel more empowered to help them navigate their options for management.

Lisa Acheson

Women's Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

The Women’s Health Coaching Certification is a high quality program where in depth information is offered in each module. I really enjoyed the lectures but also the vast amount of resources that were supplied to deepen the knowledge. Everything has been good.

Annett Arkun

Holistic Nutritonist, NSCF CPT, CES

I have been looking at the Optimal Fertility program for over 1 year and I’m so glad I finally took it! This course will help me design my own fertility program and I’m able to include evidence based suggestions and help my clients on different levels, not only in the preconception phase but all the way through motherhood! I feel more confident and more empowered to help my clients. Every time I listen to an IWHI webinar/course module, I feel more passionate about my work! THANK YOU! I would highly recommend this course.

Vashti Kanahele


The Endometriosis course was well done and full of valuable clinical and lifestyle information. Jessica’s courses are full of great information that I can immediately use in my practice. The depth and breath of information is excellent.

Zohreh Ahwazi


The Women’s Health Coaching Certification program is very informative and well thought of and I would recommend it.

Karen Liberi


The Endometriosis MasterClass was very helpful. It was just what I was looking for to help develop a “regional team” to help those in my area with endometriosis get the care they need. I feel I can now talk more intelligently with the current doctors in my area as to why I would like their patients to be seen by a specialist instead of the pt’s current OB-Gyn who might not have all of the up to date research and methods for effectively addressing endometriosis.

Lauren Haring


As a 15 year veteran nurse working in a fertility clinic, I really enjoyed the Optimal Fertility Program. Previously, I did not have the opportunity to delve into this side of treating the fertility patient but have extensive experience emotionally supporting my patients. I look forward to providing more integrative fertility support to this population as I launch my own business.

Niki Randolph


The Endometriosis course was very thorough. I enjoyed learning more about the immune dysregulation observed with endometriosis, the nutrition and supplementation strategies you’ve found helpful, and also the info on pelvic floor PT. I look forward to going back and revisiting the slide decks and digging deeper into the references.

Katherine Kiviat

Clinical Nutritionist

I’m really enjoying the IWHI Clinical Vault lectures so far. I’m learning a lot and reviewing important information. Keep up the great work, you are truly amazing with all you do!

Stephanie Yeager

Women's Health and Nutrition Coach

The ​IWHI Clinical Vault has multiple times assisted me in my health coaching practice. From forming my own educational videos, to increasing my knowledge of evidence-based functional nutrition the vault’s worth to me is many times more than its expense​.

Bella Kavalerchik


I am a physical therapist of over 20 years who is working in various areas of PT, and in the past 15 years, have been the owner of my private practice. Being a member of the IWH Clinical Vault has aided me in taking my practice to another level. Now, I can’t even imagine treating my patients without addressing nutrition and supplementation for every person and condition. The treatment outcomes for my patients suffering with any sort of pain, including chronic or pelvic floor pain, became increasingly more effective. I recommend that every practitioner working in the medical field obtain a membership in the Vault, as I have seen it as a huge asset to myself, and have confidence that it will be for anyone else.

Youna Angevin-Castro

Joining the IWHI Clinical Vault has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my journey to becoming a women’s health and wellness coach. The Vault contains the depth of knowledge that I want and need to work with women in my niche of hormone balance and menopause. As I build my coaching business, I know that the Vault will continue to be a valuable source of reputable information for me and the women I help.

Lindsay Pennington

Health Coach

I have been in the IWHI Clinical Vault for a few months now and have had the intellectual joy to learn from so many amazing change-makers. As a Health Coach, I am always looking for new content to learn for myself and provide for my clients and the vault provides so much more than what you are spending. This content is worth every penny. Jessica has such a passion for educating and bring in others too, just take it to the 10x level. Thank you for this amazing resource.

Leah Robilotto

Founder - The Food Allergy Institute

Jessica and her team take the time with each member of the class to assist and guide the business owner in running a business they want to have by helping them clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with their personal goals. What is different about their program is that they take the time to understand what your business is about, why you are doing what you are doing and who your clients are. This is not a one box fits all approach.

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