This year my goal for us as a community here at The Integrative Women’s Health Institute is to see you GRADUATE from The Women’s Health Coach Certification Program.

This year I’m not just focused on our enrollment numbers. I am focused on our graduation and employment rates.

I am so committed to your success that I have created a team of amazing Master Coaches and support staff to help you not just join our Women’s Health Coach Certification program, but complete it and use your skills to support the women in your community.

You see, there is a problem in the world of higher education. Just 59% of those who enroll in college actually graduate, and adding online courses helps to increase enrollment, but not graduation rates – even in traditional schools.

IWHI is committed to seeing our students be leaders in the global shift in healthcare. Women’s healthcare needs to change – for the sake of women seeking our care and for our own health. (Record levels of burnout and emotional exhaustion are being reported in the literature for healthcare professionals, and the numbers are worse for women.)

You see when it comes to women’s health – often women are BOTH the patients and the providers. It’s time for a shift.

How can each of us take responsibility for our individual healing, and for our collective healing?

I believe it’s through starting with a health coaching mindset, specific to the needs of women.

What are the steps to graduate and use your skills as a women’s health coaching professional either in the traditional clinical model, one-on-one coaching, or in an innovative practice model (such as retreats, group visits, or community support programs)?

13 Steps to Graduate and Work with Women’s Health Coach Skills and Perspective

  1. If you’re not sure yet that you’re ready to dive deep into the world of health coaching, join our Hormones 101, Optimal Fertility, Female Athlete Wellness, or Chronic Pelvic Pain programs to get a taste of functional nutrition and learn a bit more about our teaching approach to health coaching.
  2. Join The Women’s Health Coach Certification Program.
  3. Connect with your Master Coach within the first week of your program, and schedule your first 3 coaching skills practice sessions with her within the first 3 months of enrollment.
  4. Use The Road Map to make a plan about how you will graduate within 9-18 months. Those who plan and commit to graduate within that time frame are the most successful.
  5. Meet with your Master Coach to review your plan.
  6. Stick to your plan, using milestones to complete your online modules, coaching skills practice sessions, retreats, written exams, and practical exams.
  7. Show up at the Live Q&A sessions or with me or post often in the student Facebook group to get your questions answered throughout the program
  8. At or near Module 11, begin to work with private clients to get experience using your coaching skills. Start with low-cost ($20-$50 per session) rates and work one-on-one to build your skills and confidence. Aim to complete at least 20 practice sessions within your first 6 months of the program.
  9. Upon graduation enroll in The Vault and begin to consider your practice options. Will you use The Vault business and clinical training to refine your niche and either combine it with your current clinical practice or start your own health coaching practice?
  10. Connect with our business and marketing Master Coaches – schedule 3 or 6 sessions – to get very clear on your niche and get your marketing plan in place to launch your new or expanded practice.
  11. Or, perhaps you would prefer to get a job in health coaching. There are hundreds of jobs in health coaching open right now. We are here to support you with career coaching to help you to communicate the value of your top-notch training and experience to potential employers.
  12. Go deeper into your niche market with our continuing education programs for working with women with endometriosis, making birth control decisions, staying or becoming more active and athletic, preparing for pregnancy, balancing their perimenopausal hormones, and more!
  13. Get out there and practice! When you run into tough cases, show up on the Live Q&A calls with me and get support, gain confidence, and keep gaining experience.
two women sitting at a table talking

Smiling african american female doctor talking to teen patient making notes in clipboard listening to black kid school teenage girl tell complaints fill form at medical clinic checkup appointment.

Our Master Coaches are Here to Serve You!

The key is to have a clear plan, and get support!

We have FIVE Master Coaches to support you…

Dr. Susan Clinton and Dr. Susie Gronski also have clinical licenses and successful health coaching practices.

Liz Wentworth and Cathy Grosshart are board-certified coaches themselves (and know how to pass that test!) Liz has vast experience in her position as a health coach for Vida Health, and Cathy works in the public sector advocating for and delivering evidence-based health coaching programs to underserved populations through a grant program with the State of Connecticut.

Work with the Master Coach most aligned with your goals!

We also have two Business and Marketing Coaches to support your practice’s success. Meet Mary Agnes Antonopoulos and Amy Rempel, PT inside of our Vault Business Training programs. Plus, I am here to support your skills and career success in whichever direction you decide to take your practice.

Our “Why?” At IWHI

Finally, I am staying focused on our collective “Why?” because I believe this to be the path to disrupting the ineffective and damaging healthcare system that we are currently beholden to – practitioner and patient alike.

For women to be collectively healthier, we don’t need more complex intervention, we need to overcome the shame of asking for help, inspiration, and accountability in a world that keeps us too busy and isolated to take care of our physical and emotional needs in a way that’s sustainable – not a quick fix. Health requires investment in daily, foundational nourishment and connection with ourselves and each other.

The most effective investment in long-term health is woman-focused health coaching.

Women’s health coaches are the master practitioners for the foundation skills of health.

We have work to do in 2019, and to get it done, it’s time to commit to getting deeply skilled, graduating, and using your skills in the world.

Our team is committed to inspiring, helping, and holding you accountable!

Join us!