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The IWHI White Label Information Page

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Introducing The IWHI White Labeled programs "Hormone Balance"  and "Preparing for Pregnancy".
Our students and graduates have been asking me for years to offer "done for you programs" for their practice. These programs make it easy and effective to support your coaching clients without having to start from scratch! Plus, my team and I have created all of the marketing materials for you to get clients into your programs right away. 

Use our "White Labeled" programs with your clients and start earning a commission!

Fill out the affiliate application below or scroll down and watch the videos below to learn more about exactly how these programs work and how to get clients enrolled to start building your practice right away. ‚Äč

Wouldn't it be great to have several "done for you programs" at your fingertips, to use with your clients and also receive a commission every time one of your clients enrolls in the program? What if all the course materials were already created, tested, and came with the sales pages, marketing email copy, and everything  in place for you to use immediately?

Watch the video below to learn more about becoming an IWHI White Label Programs Affiliate!

Watch a quick tutorial video to learn more about our IWHI White Label Programs and how you can use them to kick off your coaching practice or reach more women with leveraged group programs.

See the behind the scenes of the "Women's Health Training" membership site to see what your clients will receive and learn about the options for using these programs  in person, virtually, with a single client or as a group program.

Use our "White Labeled" programs with your clients and start earning a commission!

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Please reach out to our affiliate support team at if you have any questions.

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