Gluten and Women's Health Challenges

Join Dr. Tom O'Bryan and Dr. Jessica Drummond for an in-depth, clinically focused conversation on how non-celiac gluten sensitivity can impact autoimmune conditions, hormonal health conditions, and maternal-fetal health.

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  • Learn about the largest study ever done on Celiac Disease and its mortality rates published in JAMA!


  • Learn the mechanisms behind gluten and the body’s responses with regards to symptoms of hormonal imbalances.


  • Understand the importance of elevated antibodies to gluten and other wheat proteins and what you need to do to keep on top of your patients' immune health.


  • Discover the difference between Pathogenic and Benign autoimmunity


  • Receive valuable information on auto-immunology, an evolution of the study of autoimmunity - and a valuable asset to add to your credentials.