The Best 10 Minutes of "How Nutrition Contributes to Cancer and Cancer Recovery."

Join Dr. Nalini and Dr. Jessica Drummond for an clinical training on “Nutrition and How it Contributes to Cancer and Cancer Recovery”.

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  • During this interview, you will have several valuable takeaways:


  • [1:15] What are the stages and core needs and questions along the cancer journey?

  • [3:45] The tumor micro-environment and how nutrition contributes to every aspect of carcinogenesis.

  • [5:20] How lifestyle and nutrition and phytonutrients can impact outcomes and health.

  • [6:10] Reframing agency - the PATIENT is in charge.

  • [6:45] Why nutrition matters to quality of life and HOW diet impacts 35% of cancer development and progression.

  • [7:20] The shift in "western" medicine to recognize the value of functional medicine in cancer treatment and post-cancer recovery.