The Gut, Pelvic Pain & Women’s Health

Join Dr. Grace Liu and Dr. Jessica Drummond for this brand new clinical training on the interaction between the gut microbiome, vulvovaginal microbiome, and pelvic pain conditions such as IC, and get Dr. Liu's vulvovaginal microbiome healing protocol as a bonus!

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Learn the Connections between Gut & Pelvic Health

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6:02 How poop is the new frontier of medicine and how to use testing as a vital health indicator.

11:26 What are the five D’s of Microbiome Medicine.

14:25 Discover why bacterial vaginosis, candida, infertility and even cancer are on the rise - what are the contributing factors and how does the microbiome fit into this puzzle? What is the most common “extinct” flora missing in most patients with these conditions?

18:30 Find out what historical questions to ask your patients to discern how their mother’s health issues could create / contribute to their struggles, even decades later.

20:52 Learn how keystone flora work as a “TEAM” and how bringing back one can inspire others and how the microbiome keystones can lead to vaginal microbiome changes.

22:45 How does a mom’s poop become part of an infant’s microbiome and protect a baby for its entire life?  

36:59 How does the gut impact interstitial cystitis?

39:52 How do oxalates increase pelvic pain? And why does her clinic search for oxalates in stool tests - how does it fit into the woman’s health puzzle (and sometimes even contribute to cancer)?

42:52 Antibiotic apocalypse (no kidding).

Plus: powerful case studies