The Gut, Pelvic Pain & Women’s Health

Join Dr. Grace Liu and Dr. Jessica Drummond for this brand new clinical training on the interaction between the gut microbiome, vulvovaginal microbiome, and pelvic pain conditions such as IC, and get Dr. Liu's vulvovaginal microbiome healing protocol as a bonus!

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Learn the Connections between Gut & Pelvic Health

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1:38 Learn about the "Terrain" of the human ecosystem and microbiome and how it protects us from destructive bacterias.

2:10 Learn why the vaginal microbiome has the LEAST diversity.

3:05 Learn how microbes ENCODE proteins vital for the host's 5 D's (digestion, detox, daily physiology, development of immunity and defense).

6:39 How does progesterone get STOLEN at times of high stress?

8:15 Learn about the significant shifts in species dominance in the microbiome and what that means to our health - and the EXTINCT lactobacillus crispatus (…and can it be re-created?).

Plus: powerful case studies