4 Recovery Hacks to Get Your Injured Female Athletes Back to Training Instantly* (without damaging her gut health)


This was the education I was missing on Women's health.

"I connected with the RED-S modules and nutrition for healing the most. Over training in the past, losing my menstrual cycle, having low energy, I had all the symptoms of RED-S in the last 10 years. Now, I have a better understanding in how to screen and coach my clients, it excites me that having this knowledge I can help and better serve in my mission. I finished this program in two weeks! This was the education I was missing on Women's health. I'm focusing on female athletes and optimizing their quality of life so I truly enjoyed this. Thank you!"

 Fatima Mahida // Women's Health Coach, Ananda Body Mind

 The learning I have gained has really helped me...

"I see all women as athletes, and the learning I have gained has really helped me with my client group who are post natal and perimenopausal women!" 

Mairi Taylor  //  Fitness Professional

My best recovery strategies for your female athletes...

My top strategies to get your female athletes back to health, training, and competition fast. These strategies are currently being used by top fitness, physical therapy, nutrition, and health coach professionals for their weekend warrior athletes, high school athletes, collegiate athletes, professional and Olympic athletes of all ages (pregnant, postpartum, and menopausal athletes too!)

  • Easy & delicious recipes, including a rarely used ingredient from the Andes Mountains.
  • The four most important questions to ask your athletes to determine if their mindset will support optimal healing (that you're probably not asking them.)
  • My top supplement recommendations (including a specific antioxidant blend) that works synergistically to reduce inflammation.
  • How to design her recovery training schedule in alignment with her hormone cycles to use her hormones to support optimal healing and recovery.

Hi! I'm Dr. Jessica Drummond...

I have supported physical therapists, fitness professionals, nutritionists and dieticians, and health coaches in over 60 countries to help their female athletes to heal quickly.

Most recently. our Female Athlete Wellness Program was taught live to the fitness, athletic training, physical therapy, and nutrition staff of the Chinese Olympic Training Center. We have educated some of the top women's golf fitness professionals, NCAA Division 1 alumni athletes, and hundreds of professionals supporting pregnant & postpartum athletes, teen athletes, and athletic women through menopause. Plus, I was a level 9 gymnast and am now a mom to a high school volleyball player.

This guide (part of my 9 module, Female Athlete Wellness Program) has been responsible for helping over 2100 athletes in 10 sports in 60 countries to recover completely from their injuries, allowing them to perform at their best.

Supporting female athletes to heal from injuries faster is only a click away...

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