Specialty Programs

Birth Control MasterClass

In The Birth Control MasterClass, you'll learn the wide variety of birth control options available to your clients. What are the risks and benefits of each method, and how they affect overall and pelvic health. You'll also learn how certain birth control methods impact hormonal health and can contribute to inflammation and nutrient deficiencies.

IWHI 1.80 CEU  /  NBHWC 1.80 CEU  

Business MasterMind Membership

The Business MasterMind Membership will teach you how to get your women's health practice up and running successfully. Learn business strategy, marketing strategy, social media and other digital marketing strategies, presentation skills, important legal and financial aspects to consider, branding, and more! (Enrollment is currently closed. Join the waitlist and we will reach out to you once enrollment opens mid October 2020.)

IWHI 12.53 CEU  /  NBHWC 12.53 CEU  

Chronic Pelvic Pain

The Functional Nutrition for Pelvic Pain Program is a deep dive training for women's health and wellness professionals who work with clients with endometriosis, vulvodynia, bladder pain syndrome, and chromic yeast, BV, and urinary tract infections. This course covers evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine strategies for digestive health, immune health, pain neuroscience, and more to help you support your clients to root cause pain relief.

IWHI 17.72 CEU  /  NBHWC 17.72 CEU  /  TPTA 10.5 CEU  /  NANP 10.0 CEU

Clinician to Health Coach Jumpstart

Clinician to Health Coach Jumpstart Program: Are you considering shifting your practice or adding a line of service to your practice in health coaching? Without having to invest significant time or money, you can explore if adding or transitioning from clinical to health coaching services is right for you. PLUS... as a part of this course, you'll learn all of the business and marketing tools you need to set up your health coaching practice right and in alignment with your goals and your clients' needs.

Endometriosis MasterClass

The Endometriosis MasterClass is perfect for women's health and wellness professionals who work with clients with pelvic pain and specifically endometriosis. This course addresses evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine strategies to address the digestive issues, immune health, pain, fatigue and anxiety associated with endometriosis.
IWHI 2.73 CEU  /  NBHWC 2.73 CEU  /  TPTA 2.5 CEU

Female Athlete Wellness

The Female Athlete Wellness Course is the deep dive training into female athlete nutrition, fitness, menstrual, perinatal, puberty and perimenopausal health taught to professionals who work with elite and collegiate athletes and weekend warriors globally. Learn more about girls and sports specialization, nutrient deficiencies for female athletes - through the lifespan, preventing complications from concussion, and female athlete injury recovery and pain management without the risks of using NSAIDs in this population. 

IWHI 15.95 CEU / NBHWC 15.95 CEU / TPTA 11.0 CEU / NANP 11.0 CEU

Functional Lab Testing

Fascinated by functional lab testing? This course is your opportunity to learn the functional labs to support optimal health including nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar stability, digestive health and hormone health. 

IWHI 2.45 CEU / NBHWC 2.45 CEU

Functional Nutrition for Women's Health

Functional Nutrition for Women's Health: Join us for a deep dive training in clinical functional nutrition for women's health through the lifespan. This course is perfect for practitioners working with women and girls from puberty to menopause and beyond. Learn the foundational nutrition skills you need to address ALL women's health populations from period pain to weight loss, from heart disease to autoimmune disease to chronic pain and more! Labs, supplements, and even chocolate are discussed!

IWHI 17.67 CEU / NBHWC 17.67 CEU / TPTA 19.0 CEU / CPTA 1.9 CEU

Hormones 101

Hormones 101 is an essential course for all women's health and wellness professionals. In this program, you will learn how stress hormones, thyroid hormones, and reproductive hormones interact and need to be balanced for optimal functioning. Also, includes two bonus modules on women's brain health and applying hormonal testing clinically.

IWHI 5.17 CEU  /  NBHWC 5.17 CEU  /  TPTA 4.5 CEU  /  CPTA 0.4 CEU

HPV MasterClass

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) - the virus and its vaccine - is a hot topic in women's health! In this course, get an unbiased, evidence based perspective on the risks and benefits of vaccination. Plus, learn strategies for reducing the risks and complications of HPV infection and related cancers whether or not you or your client chooses vaccination.

IWHI 1.07 CEU  /  NBHWC 1.07 CEU

Immune Bundle for Women

Immune health in women is different than in men. Because of genetic and hormonal factors women are at significantly higher risk for autoimmune disease. Plus, when it comes to preparing the immune system to fight off colds, flus, and other viruses, women need to be aware of specific risks of nutrient deficiencies. In this course, learn to help your female clients prepare for the cold and flu season, reduce their risk for autoimmunity, and recover from illness more easily. You'll learn specific nutrition, sleep, stress balance, and supplement strategies for optimal immune health for women, including uniquely through pregnancy, postpartum, and perimenopause and menopause. Also, get bonus modules on Chinese Medicine therapies, Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), and The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

IWHI 7.13 CEU  /  NBHWC 7.13 CEU 

Optimal Fertility

The Optimal Fertility Course is designed to give you all of the tools you need to support women and couples to give their child every chance for a healthy life - and mom the best chance for an easy and healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery.  In this course you'll learn how to support your clients to get the best nutrition and safely detox before, during, and after pregnancy to have the healthiest possible pregnancies, babies, and postpartum recoveries.

IWHI 11.5 CEU  / NBHWC 11.5 CEU  /  NANP 8.0 CEU

Pelvic Pain and Yeast MasterClass

Chronic yeast infections are very common and have a significant negative impact on quality of life for women. In this course, learn nutritional strategies for balancing the vulvovaginal microbiome lowering risk for yeast infections from the root cause. And, learn how to use nutrition and lifestyle medicine strategies to relieve the pelvic and vaginal pain issues associated with chronic yeast and other vulvovaginal infections.

IWHI 1.58 CEU  / NBHWC 1.58 CEU

Perimenopause & Brain Health MasterClass

Perimenopause Brain Health: All of the hormonal axes - the adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormone axes - originate in the brain. If you work with women who are anxious, have sleep issues, brain fog, adrenal issues, memory loss, or are just mentally exhausted and overwhelmed, this module will give you the tools that you need to balance all of the hormonal systems at the level of the brain. Plus, support your clients to lift the brain fog, stop memory loss, and significantly lower her risk of dementia.

IWHI 1.26 CEU  / NBHWC 1.26 CEU

Perimenopause & Healthy Weight MasterClass

Perimenopause & Healthy Weight: Join this course to learn one of the most requested topics in women's health. Women in perimenopause are struggling with weight loss resistance, and most are using fad diets and unsustainable strategies to lose weight. This course is ideal for professionals who work with women in their 30's through 50's who want to share with their clients the keys to sustainable healthy weight for hormone health, energy, reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, immune challenges and more!

IWHI 1.65 CEU  / NBHWC 1.65 CEU

NEW! Personalized Nutrition & HRV Tracking Technology for Clients with Endometriosis and Related Chronic Pelvic Pain

In this workshop style program, you will learn the step-by-step approach to designing personalized food plans and using fitness tracking technology for clients with endometriosis and related pelvic pain symptoms. Learn to help clients prepare for and recover from excision surgery, progress their programs to reach their full activity goals, improve insomnia, anxiety, pain, and the digestive symptoms associated with endometriosis. You'll learn the value of using fitness tracking technology, including heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring to empower clients to take an active role in their recovery, and will discuss the pros and cons of various technology options.

IWHI 2.00 CEU  / NBHWC 2.00 CEU

RED-S in Adult Female Athletes MasterClass

Female athletes at all ages are at risk for Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDS), previously known as The Female Athlete Triad. In this course, learn signs of REDS in adult women, and essential nutrition recommendations for female athletes at risk for or suffering from REDS. Plus, learn how periodized training with the menstrual cycle can enhance performance and reduce the heart, hormone, bone, mental health, and other risks associated with REDS.

IWHI 1.25 CEU  / NBHWC 1.25 CEU

IWHI Vault Membership

Thirsty for knowledge? Join The Vault Membership program! For a very low monthly membership fee, you'll receive access to our huge membership site filled women's health clinical, coaching, and business courses on topics such as... digital marketing, social media marketing, yeast and pelvic pain, endometriosis, HPV, hormone balance, birth control options, blood sugar balance, healthy weight, female athletes, environmental toxicity, immune health, perinatal health, and more!

Many MasterClasses in the IWHI Vault are approved for IWHI and NBHWC CEUs.