Women's Health Coaching 3-part Webinar Series

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  • 1

    Webinar #1: Nutrition vs Health Coaching: Which skills do you need?

    If you’re considering going to school to become a nutritionist or a health coach, how should you choose your path? What courses should you take? Do you need a degree?

  • 2

    Webinar #2: The Importance of Specialization and why I chose women's health.

    You have probably heard a million times from “business coaches” and “marketing experts” that you need to have a niche market to have a successful practice.

  • 3

    Webinar #3: What every health coach (or future health coach) needs to know about the new NCCHWC.

    What is the NCCHWC? Does being third party certified as a health coach by the NCCHWC matter to YOUR practice? To become certified as a health coach by the NCCHWC, what are the new requirements, and what is the process? Are there any advantages to being a NCCHWC certified health coach?