Introducing Expert Support for Your Fertility and Preconception Health

Use specific detoxification, digestive health, and nourishment strategies to prepare your body for pregnancy. Make it easier to get pregnant, and reduce your baby’s long term risk of chronic health conditions like asthma and allergies.

For years, we have supported women to improve their fertility and educated health professionals all over the world to provide fertility support to their patients using detoxification, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine. Now, we are making our fertility programs more affordable and accessible to help women like you to conceive more easily, have healthier pregnancies, and healthier babies.

The Offer DIY Version Professional Support Version
Access to 6 online training modules for you to complete at your own pace
Preconception toxicity questionnaire to guide your personalized detoxification program.
4 Step-by-step elimination nutrition program guides to allow you to assess for your unique food sensitivities (*And, the recipes are seasonal and delicious!)
Over 100 delicious seasonal recipes designed to improve fertility and preconception health.
Prenatal supplementation recommendations.
Prenatal vitamin guide.
Daily action checklist to support you through the program.
Resources to support your hormone balance.
Preconception mindfulness and affirmation exercises.
A guide to supporting your partner’s sperm health
And more…
3 visits with our nutrition team for personalized nutrient and supplement recommendations based on interpretation of your toxicity assessments, nutritional assessments, functional health matrix data, and any available laboratory data.
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