Are you a healthcare professional who works with women with chronic pelvic pain?

I have a unique resource for you to support finding the right nutrition program for your patient. Many patients with chronic pelvic pain have comorbid food sensitivities, or are eating a diet that is high in inflammatory foods.

Using an elimination cleanse as an assessment tool can help you and your patient discover the right nutrition program for her body. The goal of this 3-week program and cookbook is to support you to begin to uncover the digestive, immune system, and nervous system, and endocrine system root causes of her chronic pelvic pain.

What's included in The Pelvic Pain Elimination Cleanse (Fall Edition)

  • Seasonal, delicious, and simple anti-inflammatory recipes
  • A description of the process of using an elimination cleanse to discover some of your patient’s specific food sensitivities. – Trouble shooting for when this program is not enough to fully resolve your patient’s digestive or pain symptoms.
  • Mindfulness and self-care exercises to empower your client, calm her nervous system, manage her energy, surround herself with beauty, and enjoy reaching her health and life goals.
  • A beautiful, printable PDF that you can provide to your patients to support your recommendations and other therapies.

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Jessica Drummond,

MPT, CCN, CHC Founder and CEO, The Integrative Women's Health Institute