Live Webinar: Introduction to Nutrition for Physical Therapists

In this 4-hour live webinar series (2 webinars of 2 hours each), Jessica will explain the concepts of functional medicine and functional nutrition and why all physical therapists should be should be considering a functional medicine perspective with their patients. Functional medicine is a discipline neutral perspective on patient care that aims for root cause resolution, not just symptom relief for each patient.

The Specifics... What will I get when I enroll now?

Students will come away with a better understanding of their role in using these tools and how to apply them to common patients seen in physical therapy such as those recovering from injury or surgery, and those with chronic pain conditions.  The basics of function nutrition including how to optimize the functioning of the digestive, detoxification, immune, endocrine, and neurologic systems will be discussed, and how to collaborate with other professionals (and where to find them!) to optimally use this perspective in a team approach when needed.

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