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Introducing The Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain Program:

An Integrative Approach for Those Caring For Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain

Twenty-four million women in the United States suffer from pelvic pain at some point during their childbearing years. Until recently, the treatment options were very limited. But, we have taken an integrative approach, and using nutrition, lifestyle strategies, health coaching, biochemistry, physical therapy, and systems physiology we can find and support healing from the source of the pain, so that they can go on to live the happy, healthy lives that they desire.

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    Give your clients everything they need to:

    • Reduce or eliminate their pain
    • Optimize their pelvic health
    • Take control of their healing and long-term well-being
    • Finally eliminate chronic yeast and other vaginal infections
    • Resolve vulvodynia from the root cause

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    Give yourself the clinical tools you need to:

    • Apply evidence-based, cutting-edge nutritional strategies
    • Choose the right nutrition plan for each individual client, not based purely on her diagnosis
    • Incorporate coaching strategies to help your clients successfully implement your recommendations
    • Gain access to ongoing support to address even the most challenging cases

Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain Program

+ BONUS Vulvar Pain & Dermatology Program

Enroll now for $1497.00

(Payment plans are available.)


Learn to:


9 training modules in pelvic health + 6 BONUS modules with a focus on cutting edge, integrative perspectives on vulvodynia and sexual health.  All evidence-based, clinically relevant information that is applicable to your practice right away

The Pelvic Pain Elimination Diet e-book

A LIVE Q&A call every other month with Your Faculty

Exclusive, lifetime access to the Practitioner Forum

Ongoing program updates, new research & CEU's for Physical Therapists and Nutrition Professionals

Years of ongoing support


Each module includes content designed to teach clinicians how to use integrative tools to find root cause resolution for chronic pelvic pain- and it can be used in your practice right away!

Module 1: Clinician Experience - Is your life nourishing? Understanding the domains of Functional Nutrition

Module 2: Optimizing Digestion and The Gut and Vaginal Microbiota to Reduce Pelvic Pain (The role of constipation and other digestive dysfunctions in pelvic health)

Module 3: Inflammation, The Immune System, and Pelvic Pain

Module 4: The Pelvic Pain Elimination Diet

Module 5: Genetics, Epigenetics and Potential Impacts on Chronic Pelvic Pain

Module 6: Nutrients, Neurotransmitters, and The Nervous System: Mind-body nutrition to support quieting the pain response

Module 7: Optimizing Adrenal, Thyroid, and Sex Hormone Levels Naturally to Support Pelvic Health

Module 8: Optimizing the Detoxification System to Support Pelvic Health

Module 9: Health Coaching Strategies to Empower Women in Pain

PLUS, 6 BONUS Vulvovaginal Health Modules, including...

The Biopsychosocial Approach to Vulvodynia

The Autoimmune Connection and Functional Nutrition

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbal Medicine for Vulvar Pain and Dermatology

Manual and Movement Therapies for Vulvar and Sexual Pain

In addition to the content, you will receive:

  • Client assessment tools

  • Sample documentation notes

  • The Pelvic Pain Elimination Diet e-book

  • Recently published cases on Jessica Drummond’s cutting edge approach to pelvic pain, vulvodynia, and related gut health issues.



Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain Program

+ BONUS Vulvar Pain and Dermatology Program

Enroll now for $1497.00

(Payment plans are available.)


Meet Your Instructor

Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC is a functional and integrative women’s health expert. She has over 15 years of clinical experience as a pelvic and women’s health physical therapist, clinical nutritionist, and health coach. She cares deeply about empowering her patients to take control of their health, and is passionate about teaching effective, conservative tools and strategies to her healthcare colleagues. She lectures and teaches internationally at conferences and at the postgraduate level on women’s health topics, and maintains a private, virtual practice where she works with patients from around the globe.

Expand your current practice and become the go-to expert for the women in your community who want to optimize their pelvic health and achieve healing!

“I am a health & wellness coach with endometriosis; probably the most complex case I have worked on. In 2012 I was in pain almost daily.

I don’t know how to express in words what I feel about this program. It has made me better personally and professionally; and in less than 3 months I got back in improved health more than what I paid for a full year certification.

It feels so extremely empowering, not only on a personal level, but also on an emotional and professional level, to know I have the right tools to help and heal. In my personal and professional opinion, this course is the best one there is out there.”
-Audrey Sourroubille, Health Coach

“I feel more confident in my ability to treat the complex pelvic pain or bowel patients after taking the course because I have the education to back up what I am telling my patients about nutrition.

I also have a better understanding of the coach perspective, which will help with those patients that aren’t willing to make major lifestyle changes. I feel less frustrated, understanding how to get my patients to commit to small changes that will have major impacts on her condition and her ability to self manage some of these chronic conditions. I would recommend this program to all my PT colleagues.”
-Lisa Lennon, Physical Therapist

Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain Program

+ BONUS Vulvar Pain and Dermatology Program

Enroll now for $1497.00

(Payment plans are available.)



Try Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain Risk-Free

We believe you will love the Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain program and see it impact your work and your patients right away. However, if for ANY reason you are not satisfied with the program, you are eligible for a refund up to two weeks from the delivery of the first full Module, minus a 10% administration fee.

“I can not say enough good things about Jessica Drummond’s program. It is thorough, informative, evidence based, practical and changes the paradigm of caring for women with pelvic pain. For medical doctors who may be hesitant, delay no longer. You will be more than satisfied. The online nature of the course allows you to determine the best time to learn. This course will change your practice and the way you view not only your pelvic pain patients but all your patients.”
-Dr. Lanniece Hall, MD, F.A.C.O.G., A.B.I.H.M


The Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain Program also supports you to grow your professional wisdom and skills so that you have more choices and flexibility. Whether you want to focus on this area of women’s health exclusively, or offer it as an add-on service, your added expertise will serve you if you want a more flexible way to work or want to teach group classes online or in person!

Join Now And Create Your Thriving Practice

You can learn how to help your clients get better results than other practitioners when you know how to help them holistically with functional nutrition. Our program offers you the in depth information and foundational skills you need to transform your clients’ lives, and yours as well.


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Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain Program

+ BONUS Vulvar Pain and Dermatology Program

Enroll now for $1497.00

(Payment plans are available.)