If you're like me, you like to learn the nuts and bolts of how to do something new, at your own pace, with group support, PLUS...

You like private and personalized support to get your specific questions answered.

Group programs are great for learning, accountability, and encouragement, but nothing compares to private consulting to guide your specific next steps!

The truth is that every business is unique.

Being personally mentored by people who have blazed the path before you saves you time, frustration, and money. And, best of all... our collaborative networks can open doors for you to reach your goals faster.

I have worked with many business coaches through the growth of my business. I learned different and useful things from each of them. However, business coaching can be prohibitively expensive for many new wellness practitioners.

When I met with my team to talk about how we can offer valuable and effective business training, it was clear that it also had to be affordable.

Private business coaching (often offered by those with NO experience actually running a successful business, and rarely in your industry) costs at least $2,000 - $10,000 per month. Sure you might get the MBA perspective, but you'll rarely get the real world support of someone who has been there.

We've decided to offer IWHI Business 101 private consulting for less than $500 per month.

Join Business 101 PLUS to...

Add 4, 45 minute private business coaching calls
during this 2 month session
For just $997
(payment plan available)

You choose the area of business focus you're ready to grow, and we'll match you with the best qualified coach or coaches to support you to reach your next goal!

Private business consulting is the key to helping you build or grow your integrative women's health or wellness practice successfully, faster!

I have had the absolute pleasure of having one to one mentoring with Jessica. As a registered nutrition practitioner in the UK specialising in female health, having someone with such incredible knowledge to discuss things with and learn from has been a privilege. I really benefited from Jessica's gentle and supportive approach while working on my first book, The Balance Plan, where we discussed hormones at length. As well as working on the structure of my signature talk. Jessica not only shared her knowledge but she guided and championed me on. I look forward to continue working with Jessica and highly recommend her. Thank you Jessica!

— Angelique Panagos Dip ION, FdSc, AFMCP™-UK, mBANT, CNHC

I have been a successful clinician in private practice for a long time, but stepping into training other clinicians to work with complex medical cases was challenging to say the least. It is also too easy to fall into analysis paralysis and get in your own way no matter how experienced of a business owner you already are! Jessica’s support helped me get over myself and just go and do it - launch my EBV Clinician Training Program that I am now absolutely loving!!! Thank you Jessica!!! And I know I had to listen because while we are colleague nutritionists and both successful business owners, I often look up to her for her amazing business expertise and savvy and practical approach. Her guidance has been priceless and always so appreciated. I can promise you that any business coaching Jessica puts together will be phenomenal and absolutely worth every penny!

— Dr. Kasia Kines,

Meet Your Instructors

Susan Clinton

Susan C. Clinton PT, DScPT, OCS, WCS, FAAOMPT, WHNC currently practices in Sewickley, Pennsylvania and is the co-owner and founder of Embody Physiotherapy and Wellness, LLC.

Susan is active in teaching and research as an adjunct instructor for the University of Pittsburgh, Chatham and Slippery Rock University.

Additionally, she is an international instructor and presenter of post-professional education in women’s health and orthopedic manual therapy and is an active professional mentor.

She is active in research and with the American Physical Therapy Association, serving in governance, and as the Chair of the Clinical Practice Guidelines steering committee for the Section on Women’s Health.

Susan is the 2016 recipient of the Elizabeth Noble Award from the APTA Section on Women’s Health.

She serves on the BOD of American Pelvic Organ Prolapse Society (APOPS) and she is an inaugural BOD for the Global Women’s Health Initiative (GWHI).

Michael Robilotto

Michael Robilotto is the founder of He works with companies to improve productivity. He coaches managers in skill development and execution and works with management and labor in difficult environments to create "win – win" situations that result in significantly improved productivity, financials and morale. He began his career as a labor attorney and has both participated in and taught courses in management, compliance, finance and strategy.

Jessica Drummond

Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CCN, PT, Founder and CEO of the Integrative Women's Health Institute is passionate about caring for and empowering women who struggle with women’s and pelvic health conditions.

She is equally passionate about educating and supporting clinicians in confidently and safely using integrative tools to transform women's and pelvic healthcare.

Having two decades of experience in women’s and pelvic health as a physical therapist and functional nutritionist, plus owning a private women’s health clinical nutrition and coaching practice, gives her a unique perspective on the integrative, conservative options for pelvic pain management, hormone balance, preconception and fertility support, postpartum recovery, and chronic pain and fatigue management.

She regularly lectures on topics such as integrative pelvic pain management, natural fertility options, optimal hormone health, and functional and integrative nutrition for rehabilitation, nutrition, wellness, fitness, and medical professionals.

Dr. Drummond was educated at the University of Virginia, Emory University, Duke Integrative Medicine, and Maryland University of Integrative Health