To Create or Expand Your Successful Integrative Women’s Health Practice, It Helps to Have a Guide…

Introducing The Guide to Building Your Successful Integrative Women’s Health Practice

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When I began my integrative women’s health practice, years ago, there was no clear teaching on how to start. Sure, I learned a lot from business coaches, which was all helpful. But, what I had to learn for myself was that every practice is different.

There is no one-size fits all formula that works for every practice, especially in the healing arts.

But, there are steps that you can take every day, with commitment to growth over the long term that yield amazing results.

My first few years in practice were not profitable, and I struggled to find my voice. But, since we’ve become profitable, our revenues - and profits - have grown 30% year after year. And, every year, the work actually gets easier, more flexible, and less stressful.

Now, I have the luxury of choosing my work hours, choosing my clients, and being invited to collaborate with colleagues who I respect and am inspired by every day!

While there is no “yellow brick roadmap” to building your successful practice, if you follow this guide every day, week, and month (and you’ll see that you have to take care of yourself along the way!), you will have everything you need to create the practice that you want!

Supporting women along their healing journeys is a privilege that I am honored to commit my life to, and I want to help you do the same. The women of the world need your skills, your voice, and your presence. In order to do your work, you need guidance and support.