Transform your health from struggling with pelvic pain, digestive issues, fertility challenges, exhaustion, and anxiety to getting back to work and your life!

"We have helped thousands of women, just like you, get back control of their bodies, and start feeling more like themselves, without drugs and side effects.

Our evidence-based, holistic approach is backed by thousands of hours of experience, both clinically and personally."

- Dr. Jessica Drummond DCN, CNS, PT, NBC-HWC

Benefits of Booking a Strategy Session:

  • This is your opportunity to meet Dr. Drummond to see if working with her and her health coach team is a perfect fit for what you need. In fact, you are going to interview Dr. Drummond as much as she will interview you!
  • This consultation call will be from the comfort and convenience of your home or office from anywhere in the world.
  • You are getting Dr. Drummond’s undivided attention - after reviewing your intake paperwork before the session, Dr. Drummond will ask you many questions to learn details of your story and what has and has not been helpful along your healing journey to assess your current situation and needs.
  • Based on everything Dr. Drummond will learn about you, you will receive a detailed initial action plan. Following the call, you will receive a written step-by-step plan, resources, and notes to review so that you can be fully present for the call without feeling like you have to scramble to take notes.
  • Don't Delay!  Dr. Drummond and her team have a very limited number of one-on-one spots available at any given time.

"After working with Dr. Drummond, my IUD has stopped trying to murder me from the inside, or at least that’s what it was feeling like!

I was suffering through stabbing pain for months and taking huge amounts of ibuprofen (up to 2400 mg/day) for weeks up to and through my period.

This is so encouraging after months of pain and years of irregular cycles!" 

-- Lily Starling

"My life has almost completely changed. I feel healed from the inside out, 30 lbs lighter, mentally lighter, up for sex again and actually feeling vibrant! 

I feel very grateful and really know now anything is possible.

We can heal our lives and our bodies.

I just want to thank you, Jessica, for doing what you do and for being a light for us sharing your experience and wisdom and making a difference in the world!

Big love!!

-- Sinead Moffat

"I am a health & wellness coach with endometriosis myself.

In 2012 I was in pain almost daily. I don’t know how to express in words what I feel about this program.

It has made me better personally and professionally.

In my personal and professional opinion, this program is the best one out there."

 -- Audrey Sourroubille

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