Are your clients overdue for a great cleanse, body & soul?

Discover the foods and activities they can ENJOY during a spring cleanse to support fertility, healthy pregnancy, and healthy moms, dads, and babies!

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The Preconception Spring Detox.

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In this Guide, Dr. Jessica Drummond shares some powerful, foundational detox principles:

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* Spring is the best season to detoxify excess environmental estrogen and strengthen the liver. This  guide will help your clients strengthen their preconception health - moms and dads to be!

* When negative emotions are avoided or repressed, they eventually present as physical symptoms. Emotions are key guides to answering the question, “Am I on the right track in my health (life) journey.”

* Nourishing foods are abundant in this guide, to optimize fertility and perinatal health. You can’t force conception, you can only open your energy to it.

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