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Jessica Drummond, Women’s Health Expert

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Jan 28th



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4 Challenges to Relieving Pelvic Pain And, How to Solve Them (Even if You’ve Tried Everything)

Jessica Drummond

Dr. Jessica Drummond is a functional nutrition and integrative women’s health expert. She has 18 years of clinical experience as a pelvic and women’s health physical therapist, clinical nutritionist, and health coach. She cares deeply about empowering her patients to take control of their health, and is passionate about teaching effective, conservative tools and strategies to her healthcare colleagues.

Jessica lectures and teaches internationally at the postgraduate level on women’s health topics, and maintains a small, private, virtual practice where she continues to work with patients from around the globe. She is an invited lecturer at a variety of global conferences, including The 2015 International Pelvic Pain Society Conference, The Future of Healing Online Conference, and The 2016 Invivo Women's Health Summit. Her scholarly writing includes contributing a chapter on Functional Nutrition for Pelvic Health to Healing in Urology, and a 2016 case study on a functional nutrition approach to Vulvodynia and IBS, published in Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal.

Join us Friday, Jan 28th, and you'll learn:

  • You’ve ever said, "I have seen so many doctors about my pelvic or sexual pain... Why is this so hard?"
  • Anyone has ever told you that your pain is all in your head.
  • If you have tried lots of things to relieve your pain, and none of them have worked.
  • If you’re not sure how to find the best healthcare professionals to help you relieve your pelvic pain.

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Laura Ricci

I feel like nutrition plays a huge role in pelvic pain and is definitely a piece of the puzzle for me. While I am still on my pelvic pain journey, I can honestly tell you that finding Jessica and participating in her program has greatly improved health.

Audrey Sourroubille

I am a health & wellness coach with endometriosis; probably the most complex case I have worked on. In 2012 I was in pain almost daily.

I don’t know how to express in words what I feel about this program. It has made me better personally and professionally. In my personal and professional opinion, this program is the best one there is out there.

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The skills you'll discover change lives.
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