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This is also the home of the functional nutrition clinical practice of Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC.  She is in clinical practice as a functional nutritionist and health coach 1.5 days per week and has programs and resources for women.  Click here for more information about her patient level resources and private appointments.

The Integrative Women's Health Institute Offers:

  • The world's first and ONLY NCCHWC accredited online health coach certification program specifically for women's health.
  • Evidence-based, holistic, clinical education for women's health professionals around the world and in a variety of healing disciplines.
  • Live education and networking events.
  • Mentoring opportunities, wellness support, and practice-building support for healing professionals.
  • Individualized attention and top-notch care for our patients.

Patient and Professional Success Stories:

Often we focus on where we need to go instead of celebrating the success along the way. It feels so good to have the support and great knowledge that Jessica has to share. It really goes a long way. 6 months ago I was 30 pounds heavier, had thyroid problems, metabolism slow as you can imagine, felt stressed almost 100% of the time and felt sluggish along with that. No energy and I was an angry mom most of the time! And sex was a no-no, no way, no thank you, hurts too much! Fast forward to today and I am a true believer in "ask and it is given."

I asked for help and direction and Jessica showed up! My life has almost completely changed.  I feel healed from the inside out, 30 lbs lighter, mentally lighter, up for sex again and actually feeling vibrant! I feel very grateful and really know now anything is possible.

We can heal our lives and our bodies.  

I just want to thank you, Jessica, for doing what you do and for being a light for us sharing your experience and wisdom and making a difference in the world! Big love!!

I cannot say enough good things about IWHI’s Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach program. It is thorough, informative, evidence-based, practical, and changes the paradigm of caring for women with pelvic pain.

As a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has been dissatisfied with the standard of care for pelvic pain and spent thousands of dollars attending numerous conferences on pelvic pain, pain processing, holistic and integrative medicine, I wish I had started with this program first. I would have saved money and been very well prepared to treat this patient population in a more and evidence-based way.

For any medical doctors who may be hesitant, delay no longer; you will be more than satisfied! This course will change your practice and the way you view not only your pelvic pain patients but all of your patients.


Going gluten and sugar free and cutting way down on caffeine has had the effect of reducing about 50% of my chronic pain.

Another positive result, and I have to say this took me totally by surprise, is that after 10 months, my IUD has stopped trying to murder me from the inside, or at least that's what it was feeling like!

I was suffering through stabbing pain for months and taking huge amounts of ibuprofen (up to 2400 mg/day) for weeks up to and through my period. If you have the misfortune to be totally incompatible with all forms of hormonal birth control, you can understand why I was at my wit's end.

This month I've only taken 400 mg TOTAL of ibuprofen and finally feeling hopeful that my birth control and I can be friends. My cycle is getting more regular, too! This is so encouraging after months of pain and years of irregular cycles.

Jessica is so wise. IWHI is a sanctuary for women who have felt totally dismissed or unsupported by the conventional "women's health" medicine and programs out there. Sometimes it's serious conversations and sometimes it feels like a glass of wine with my girlfriends. No matter what, the information and support is top notch and one of a kind.

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