If you want healthy children, support the health of their parents.

In my practice, supporting mom and dad’s health begins even before conception.

As a clinical nutritionist, I work with women every week who struggle with fertility or who simply want to be as healthy as possible before they get pregnant.  Reducing each woman’s environmental toxin load and supporting her detoxification system are essential to supporting her best perinatal health.  Additionally, we need to work together to restore nutrient deficiencies that can come from eating decades of food on the run, stress, birth control pills, antidepressants, heavy workouts, or simply eating food that has traveled from across the globe to land in her grocery store.  Finally, getting her hormones in balance will not only enhance her ability to get pregnant, but jump start her energy and libido as well.

Getting healthy in preparation for pregnancy goes beyond the physical.  When your client and her partner are considering having a baby, they need to feel joy, love, confidence, and support.  It takes a village to bring the healthiest possible baby into the world.

I am so excited to share with you a new book, How To Conceive Naturally and Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30, from my friend and colleague, Christa Orecchio.  Christa is a nutritionist and health coach who has written a beautiful book along with Willow Buckley who is a classical homeopath, yoga instructor, and doula.  This book is an essential part of your clinical library.  Recommend it to every client who walks into your door wanting to conceive.

I love many things about this book.

  1. The book takes a holistic perspective on the whole perinatal experience.  The 5-trimester approach is exactly in alignment with what I have been teaching my patients and clients for decades.  Having a preconception plan to get healthy, focusing on detoxification and nourishment is essential.  That is why Lara Adler and I created The Optimal Fertility: Preconception Detoxification and Preparation Program for you.  This book is the essential companion for your patients and clients.  Additionally, Christa and Willow focus on postpartum recovery (and preventing postpartum challenges) with their holistic approach.  Many pregnancy books end with delivering the baby, and the focus completely shifts from the health of the mother to the health of the baby.  This book recognizes that the mother and baby are interdependent.  Having worked with thousands of postpartum women, I have seen how much better the outcomes are both for moms and babies (and families!) when the new mother is fully supported.  This book provides so many caring strategies for nourishing the new mother – recipes, homeopathy, breastfeeding support, and even navigating visitors lovingly.
  2. The recipes.  This book is FULL of delicious, nourishing, and healing recipes.  A delicious food as medicine, pleasure, and love approach is apparent in each recipe.  They have included a simple and essential bone broth recipe, easy weeknight dinners including chicken and black bean tostadas, stir-fries, pasta, and pizza.  Plus, I love the recipe for Milk-Boosting Cookies.  Yum!
  3. Case studies.  Finally, the encouraging and real-life case studies show how improving a woman’s overall health is the key to improving her chances for getting pregnant.  In some cases, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are necessary to achieving a healthy pregnancy and baby.  Even with fertility assistance, optimizing a woman’s detoxification system and nourishing her body, mind, and spirit increase the likelihood that the ART strategies will be successful.

Enjoy this book and share it with your patients, friends, and family who want to have a healthy and joy filled pregnancy!