Business Mastermind Membership

Business Mastermind Membership 

The Business Mastermind Membership will teach you how to get your women's health practice up and running successfully.

Learn business strategy, marketing strategy, social media and other digital marketing strategies, presentation skills, important legal and financial aspects to consider, branding, and more!

If your practice is not yet financially stable, or you're overwhelmed by marketing, this membership is for you.

1:1 Personalized Support & Weekly Calls with Dr. Jessica Drummond & Guest Faculty  

Live-Recorded Workshops 

24/7 Access to On-Demand Course Content  

100% Remote-Learning

Presentations, Handouts, Videos, Quizzes

Quarterly Subscription Plan

Included Topics 

  •  Proprietary business strategy for health coaches from Dr. Jessica Drummond's personal experience as a health coach, physical therapist, clinical nutritionist, and women's healthcare practitioner for the last 20+ years. 
  • Effective Growth Strategy for Practitioners & Certified Health Coaches 
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy & Tips 
  • Marketing Best Practices & Tips 
  • How to market and message your practice to find your ideal clients
  • Foundational Business Skills
  • Content Marketing & Blog Optimization
  • and more! 

The Business Mastermind Membership will teach you how to market and message your health coaching practice to find your ideal clients. 

You can benefit from this program if you're an establishing practitioner looking to grow and expand your client base or if you're a new practitioner who is looking to find their first few clients. 

Component 1 Modules 

Component 2 Modules 

Component 3 Modules 

Module 1.1: Start at The Beginning & Get Your Baseline

Module 2.1 – Assess Your Competition

Module 3.1 – Optimize Your Blog

Module 1.2: Your Resources

Module 2.2 – Who Is Your Service For?


Module 3.2 – Social Media Engagement

Module 1.3: Stress & Productivity

Module 2.3: Defining Your Niche

Module 3.3: Refine Your Message and Speaking

Module 1.4: The Boring & Essential Foundation of Your Business

Module 2.4: Your Brand

Module 3.4: Challenge Accepted!

Module 1.5: Movement Brain Focus Energy And Maintenance

Module 2.5: Get Started Building Your Email List

Module 3.5: Your Email Marketing Strategy

Module 1.6: Marketing

Module 2.6: Creating Your Initial Content Marketing Plan

Module 3.6: Other People’s Platforms

Are You a Good Fit for The Business Mastermind Program? 

This program is perfect for any women's or integrative health care professional who is looking to expand their business expertise and grow their practice.

The Business Mastermind Membership is for you if you are looking for Dr. Jessica Drummond's proprietary health coach business strategy and insights developed over her 20+ year career. 

Benefits of The Business Mastermind Membership

This program is for leading health and wellness professionals, specifically focused on women’s health, pelvic health, and the health of nonbinary and transgender people.

Stay engaged in The Integrative Women's Health Institute community and get training for advanced business challenges in your practice. 

Be the most confident practitioner in your community with personalized support from Dr. Jessica Drummond and the IWHI Faculty anytime you feel stumped!

The most in depth women’s health coaching business training program anywhere. 

Easily accessible bite sized training, done at your own pace, on your own time, from anywhere!

University level training and student support with a weekend online course price tag!

The lowest cost business mentorship program of this quality anywhere. Most similar programs cost thousands of dollars every year (some are over $20,000!)

Stay engaged with our global professional community and participate in weekly coaching and mentorship calls and workshops. 

Become a part of a supportive and collaborative community with members in 62+ countries all over the globe. 

Dr. Marta Canfield

 MD, canfieldnintegrativemd.com

"Dr. Drummond and her team is exactly what I was looking for! I’ve tried multiple other business start-up type of programs (some of them more expensive!) that claim to show you the path to success.

I know now the reason those programs didn’t work for me – I didn’t know my niche! Dr. Drummond has put together a step by step process that focuses on YOU.

Right down to the self-care that most entrepreneurs forget to build into their daily lives. She makes you get clear about the first step, WHAT is your niche before moving forward.

I was still feeling self-doubt about making this decision, but I felt comfortable reaching out for some one-on-one coaching help because of the environment and sense of community she and her team creates in their programs. (I am also in the Integrative Women’s Health Coaching Certification Program, as well as, a member of the Vault.)

I was stuck due to unique life circumstances and was able to set up a call with Dr. Drummond that changed my mind-set and my confidence because she gave me real-world implementable action steps! I can’t wait for this exciting journey ahead of me!"

The Business Mastermind Membership


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